Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ahhh, the time's they are a changin...

Ahhh, the time's they are a changin...


Man I am really excited about the future! I feel totally re-energized lately to get up every morning and just hit the drawing board. The next year or so I think is going to be really exciting for us Gelato-dudes. Of course Jim has Batman, Carlos and I have our regular projects, and hopefully we'll see that Rich Friend guy penciling some printed stuff! All in all, very cool times! Also with the Con coming up, we'll get to hang out with our overseas brethren! Above is a commission I did at Wiz LA, never drew Namor, but had fun doing it! Viva la Wildstorm!

"I just saved money on my car insurance!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Jack Smith said...

The Adventures of Mars Volta

Art by Rich Friend


Great Namor.

Sam Out-

wilson said...

you guys produce a lot of art, its nice to share this with us!
I'm from brazil and i would like to be a penciler in american comics industry!
i've some doodles at http://wilsonilustra.sites.uol.com.br

wilson jr

johnnyjustice said...


This is one of my favorite pieces by you - and I don't even read Namor!

I think you captured the "feel" of the character very well and the pose is ultra-cool to boot.

Thanks for sharing, and good luck with any and all future endeavors!


GoingNuckinFuts said...

You know I tend to make those little rectangle-squares in my drawings too. Duno why I like them so much...and in this picture I like it a lot. Sorta gives the bg a nice "cheesy" effect haha I Like the spalshes...and those wing like things are just cool. But you know whats something that always bothered me about Namor is the fact that his hair is always perfect hah.

Tony Daniel said...

I'm loving Ale's work. Keep it up man!

GTJDorris said...

Who all is living in Italy right now? Lee Bermejo, right? Or have I gotten confused? But I leave for my summer in the northeastern part of the boot a week from Sunday, so I'm officially letting myself get excited now.