Thursday, May 19, 2005

Macaroons and smiling fish

Macaroons and smiling fish


Summer is practically upon us, and with that a ton of announcements from the various upcoming shows. What I'd like to see from you guys is what do you think will be the next big announcement? Next big artists/writer exclusive signing? What kind of sassy outfits will i wear to the shows? What events will deliver on their promises of big changes? Perhaps a breakout talent will show themselves, who do you suspect? I don't know just have fun taking some guesses!

As to the above piece? That was a commision sketch I did for some fella from Argentina at Wizworld LA, his own creation. Have fun!

"like basmati rice" PSHOO!PSHOO!


johnnyjustice said...


• You will be sporting leg warmers and a mullet to this summer's cons

• Marvel will announce the biggest and baddest tag-team comic of the year, release issue 1, and then never hear from it again (a la Daredevil: Father)

• And Venger #1 (debuting @ WWPhilly this June) will receive the "breakout talent of the year" award, LOL!

That's about it,


johnnyjustice said...

On a serious note, it's pretty hard to compete against Miller/Lee for the summer blockbuster event...but let them try...let them try...


eddie scrafton said...

Having seen the preview art that Dougie Braithwaite brought to the Bristol Comicon of his and Alex Ross's work on the new JLA title, I think I can safely predict that this will own the month it's released in (and many following months,as well).

And Ale will be wearing a Mr T tank top and a Princess Leia wig at con's...that's if any of the Millarworlders get hold of him:)

Chuckeedee said...

... don't encourage him Guys!!! he might just become "Ale Dangerous" again!!! (^_^)



Dude are you getting your own radio show?

Sam Out-

Diablo said...

Ale' will once again look slick and try to compete for all the lady's attention against his rival Mark Brooks while wearing some cool looking aviator sunglasses but a really dumb hat thereby negating an other kick-ass attire he could be wearing.

Randy Stone said...

i don't know if it's "breakout" or not, but i foresee tony moore making HUGE waves pretty soon! :D