Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bid now, Bid often

Bid now, Bid often


Been struck by a stomach flu or a cold and food poisoning or something worse. Definitely had a cold and then the vomiting began. Back to nearly 100% now, thank God. Nothing like being curled up in bed with a bucket by your side.

Anyway, now that I got you all in the mood. Here is a link to several auctions to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

CBLDF ebay auctions

For those of who may not know, the CBLDF fights on behalf of first amendment protecting our right to freedom of speech. In the real world, that often translates into better protecting the rights of your local retailer to sell the broad range of comics they want to and more importantly, protecting all of us in our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Whether it is political dissent or drawing comics about socially sensitive topics, the CBLDF is our industry's only organization standing up for the collective whole. Like the title says, bid now, bid often. The money goes to the worthiest of causes.


Jesse Chin said...

Well, my max bid wasn't enough to get me that sweet RRP edition...

Maybe next time. And hey, I bumped the price up for a good cause.

patman said...

knowing the market price for this one, i am sure that my max bid will probably be beat in a couple of minutes. but what the heck.

i guess i will just have to stick with my signed DC Super Heroes #1 (Batman #608 RRP cover) =)

Vince said...

I hope you are feeling better , and please next time don't try new food !! lol !
Seriously , be well Jim .

patman said...

sheesh! my max bid was beaten the moment i placed it.

believe elad is part of the msn group. great going elad! while bidders would usually want the winning bid to be low, hope it goes a little bit more! ;-)

jim, as always, we admire your continued and active support for CBLDF.


Elayne said...

Oh ick, sorry to hear you were sick, Jim. Glad you're on the mend! I know a few folks out CA-way suffering from the dreaded lurgy, maybe it migrated from NY, where we were both laid up through much of April into early May.


Man You are the bomb Jim, One of the reasons I follow you as an artist is because of the CBLDF, and your passion for supporting it. Chris from Top Shelf was telling me how I could contribute art, and I got all excited, It's nice fighting for rights, Just wish there was more call for my work so it would do a little more to help.

Sorry you were sick, you might need some magic medicine pizza.

Sam Out-

antonio said...

I hope you recover soon!
Get well Jim!!...JESUS ANTONIO

icemanx62 said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better

Johnny said...

I had similar problems, not long ago and I was going to the classes with it, so I know how it is, yesyesyo.

GoingNuckinFuts said...

man Jim for some reason stomach flu has to be one of th worse conditions ever. getting a cold or fever you probably tend to just get headaches or not have enough energy to move or the appetite to eat. And to get better doesnt take a lot(stay in bed..lots of fluids, medicine etc etc) But its like once the stomach flu picks you...oooo man its over! haha. Dont want to get into any disgusting details but from a person whos had a good share of stomach flu/ food poisoning/ whatever it is just horrible!
Anyways as a suggestion if you ever experience this again I heard its good to keep a nice big ol GATORADE right near the bucket haha...just...dont...confuse them with each other