Monday, May 02, 2005

Coachella for a day...

Coachella for a day...


This past weekend Carlos treated I and WS staffer Trevor Hill to a Coachella weekend. It was a blast yo! Of course I enjoyed a snifter of barley juice, and Carlos was looking sexy, angry. Trevor and Carlos endulged their sweet tooths with some delicious churros. Then it was on to the music! Tried to see as much as possible.

We got to see Kasabian who was a lot better than I expected, they was a rockin! Next up was New Order who brought it with some classic tunes, along with some Joy Divison hits, it was amazing! Carlos and Trev stayed for NIN, but I was all about The Faint so I headed over there early! Sat through British Sea Power, a band I had never heard but found them to be very entertaining. But it didn't really matter as I was there for one reason, to see The Faint!

They are absolutely my favorite band right now, and they came through guns blazing! I strongly suggest if you get the chance to see them play live to do so. A friend told me they were a next level live band, and that was an understatement! I was in the very front against the gate, and my nearly broken ribs were well worth it, heh!

All in all one helluva day! Coachella is a blast, and I must say if you ever get the chance to attend, jump at it!!!

"I still got it!" PSHOO!PSHOO!



Wow, that is one wicked baby.

Sam Out-

RichardFriend said...

hahaha that picture is GREAT. Carlos said there was a big baby and I'll be damned that is one BIG baby!



Jesse Chin said...

Hell Yeah Kasabian Rules

1031 said...

The Faint certainly do kick ass. They're from Omaha and are playing here on the 11th, a bit of a homecoming show, with Conor "Bright Eyes" Oberst.

Can't wait for the show. Bright Eyes I can take or leave. Whatever. But The Faint are too cool for school.

Chuckeedee said...

HELL YEAH!!! ... Coachella delivered the goods as always. "New Order" was amazing (they played "Athmosphere" and "loved will tear us apart"!!!), Trent (NIN) kicked a$$, and "The Faint" was a'rockin'!!! ... if any of you out there get the chance to go, do it, you won't regret it (even if you do shortly after the show, 'cause it's DAMN TIRING, but a day later you will have a big smile on your face:) ).



rraph said...

yup... the faint kicks aaaaaaass.... what's with the huge infant, though? :)

eddie scrafton said...


Did you check out Coldplay? They were supposed to be brilliant and played a lot of the new material.

Chuckeedee said...

... nah, not really a Coldplay fan. I totally respect their music, but it's just not my cup a' tea. I do regret not having gone Saturday to see Chemical Brothers though ... oh well, and by the way, that big Baby? it got torn apart by robots, no lie (^_^)