Tuesday, May 10, 2005

PH4 2k5

PH4 2k5


I know Rich had earlier mentioned the upcoming release of our second team effort. But I just wanted to touch on it once again. This years sketchbook looks to be quite a dandy. All of us are going all out to make sure this years is even better than last years! You just about have to, to compete with all the other sketchbooks being put out. Tons of new stuff will be featured! Art you've seen here, and some never seen before! This little EVE diddy will be there.

I wanted to revisit the character that kinda put my name on the map. I haven't really talked too much about this series, but at the time I was doing it it was like a dream come true! Liquid! at the time were the ultimate colorists in the biz, and it was just an amazing honor to be working alongside those guys. They def carried my sorry butt through that series, heh.

For mine in my section of the sketchbook you will see stuff like this, other pieces I've posted here, and some unseen sketchwork that I'm just to lazy to scan and post. So keep your eyes open, this years books gonna be da bomb yo!

"sniff sniff" PSHOO!PSHOO!



So will you have it at San Diego?
and how much will it run?

Sam Out-

Ryan said...

I wish Aron & Christian had finished Soul Saga...

EVE Protomecha was a fun little book....essentially along the lines of Pinocchio, but nonetheless a great introductory piece to this artist Ale Garza.