Friday, May 20, 2005

Bat reference

Bat reference


Found this too...the reference I used for the backdrop of the sketch below. We walked across the stone bridge and then onto ledges which led into the various caves. One cave in particular was very dirty, very dark on a deep inside wall with what looked like soot. We walked closer to inspect and the entire wall the tiny bugs covering the entire wall were agitated by our movements and shimmered and moved like a real life Swarm. Wonder how many geekheads know which villain I am talking about...

Anyway, we hightailed it out of that one. Other grottos were used for various functions, some religious, over the centuries. At one point, one under a church was filled from floor to ceiling with skeletons.



Oh so envious, am I, though I do love the stories, I really have to go some time, history is awesome- just don't tell my old high-school teachers. you know this is a real nice photo, compositionally speaking, but I'm sure you knew that.

Do you know who is next to the tall building on the upper left or is it a random person that was there, and you know, it is a shame when you get telephone-lines evading beautiful spaces, like seen here, this is one time I agree with Crumb.

Sam Out-

jrsorrell said...

I don't know what villain you are refering too but I'm curious about one thing...Jim, are you Indiana Jones?


GTJDorris said...

Aren't there some Wildstorm guys living over in The Boot right now? I'm shipping out in 9 days for my summer there, just wondering if anybody I know (or know of to be more exact) is going to be nearby. Anyway, just curious and it helps get me excited about my time there!

Greg T said...

I believe the villain Jim’s referring to is a Spider-man foe who was eaten alive by radioactive bees, which now constitute his body.

-Greg Tumbarello

icemanx62 said...

I love the photo reference used for the sketch. Got any pictures of the dirtty cave? I'm not sure what villain you are referring to. Sounds like a villain out of a Scooby Doo cartoon.

DADICUS said...

It's good to see you back to posting more regularly! We've all been waiting patiently to see the stuff you've been working on!

On a side note I was wondering if you had to choose between the Hush series and the Superman series as a favorite, Which would it be and why?


You know It's funny I grew up with Neal Adams as MY BATMAN ARTIST and thought to myself no one is ever going to beat his rendition, he makes Bats a real strong crafty guy and I look at all the stuff you've done and I love your HUSH run but man I see the Sketch below and think WOW he did it He surpassed the MASTER.

Can't wait for Your ALL STAR run this summer- It's a bummer DC isn't offering it in subscription form I love the trades but I like to get one or two titles a month, and it has been great having you back in the scene these past years.

Sam Out-

Panch' said...

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WOLFOX said...

((( THE ))) "Mr. JIM" ???
- Can't believe it !!!!!!
"-Você, com certeza foi o grande mestre 90's! Mas quer saber-(Espero q não consiga ler o q estou escrevendo, mas se souber, não fique ofendido... Ainda sou seu Fan!). Só q, se não fizer algo bem rápido, tem muito Brazuca q ainda vai deixar grandes mestres como tu no chinelo... Ah se vai, pode crer! Evolua Mr. Jim... Evolua! Um GRANDE ABRAÇO cara!!!"
I love to say things some don't understand! Sorry...!
Mr. Jim you are who did awake my love for action comics! It's a honor mr.! Really!!!