Wednesday, May 11, 2005

... some more "Tracer Bullet"

... some more "Tracer Bullet"

... here's some more of Bill Watterson's 'Noir' in all it's glory ... doesn't this stuff ROCK?!? It's funny how so many of things come 'full circle'. I probably discovered "Calvin and Hobbes" back when I was in high school, and at the same time, I was totally an "Image Kid", but even back then, something about Watterson's art amazed me as much as a hyper-detailed WILDCATS or PITT page. Now that my 'eye' is a little more 'educated', this stuff is even more amazing, because you realize how much 'draftsmanship' and plain raw talent went into making these 'funny' strips, I just never thought I'd be looking at "Calvin and Hobbes' to study cool 'Noir' shots. :)

Since I am now having to deal with a monthly deadline, I am REALLY studying what makes books like 100 BULLETS work so well from a 'layout' and 'storytelling' standpoint, and it's pretty much what any good artist does (and this goes right back to how damn good "Calvin and Hobbes" is), and that boils down to "how clearly can the reader's eye move though the page and how clear the storytelling is".

I had read an introduction to an Alex Toth book a while back, and it pretty much suggested for the artist to be 'lazy', and to 'edit-out' any unnecessary drawing from the page, but I am just now beginning to truly understand what that means, and let me tell you, nothing like deadlines to make you understand the concept of 'good editing' and making sure the every line you put down counts for something (^_^)


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Dude, Toth was the MAN.

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