Friday, June 03, 2005

Keepin it "Intimate"


So it looks like I'm gettin a shot to fill in on one of my fav books being published. That's right kiddies looks as if i'll be drawin them Intimates guys. Gotta say I've been a huge fan of this book since it's release. Joe and Cammo created a very entertaining little ditty. I got some big shoes to fill, but I feel I'm up to the task, heh. This is just serving as a bridge between projects. A nice little breather. Here is a a look back at a pin-up I did of the characters a while back.

Above is just a random little pic, did some greys on a past commision. I'll have some new sketches to post next week :)

"Can't have enough princess's" PSHOO!PSHOO!


meek? said...

Wooo! Consider that fill-in joint copped! I remember that tight pin-up you did, too. I think it was a progression theme you had goin' @ the time. The Intimates will clearly be in good hands.

And I'm feelin' that Frank Miller-style Supes & Bats! To be honest, I think yo' Frank Miller-style pieces are much easier to digest than Frank Miller's own stuff. :-X

*gets a beat-down from Jim Lee*


Jack Smith said...

awesome ale-meister!

intimates are a book that i think is pretty good. i almost dropped it when casey started writing wierd stories that kind of has a mean tint to them but i am starting to see that he has deeper intentions for them.

anyway, cammo is one of my favs and you would be great for this book

Tink said...

Can't wait to see it!

sedat said...

good luck on the book ale.
can someone tell me what cammo is up to now? will he draw something else for wildstorm or dc ?


Well I'm sad to not see you at Target...

Just kidding, I can't wait to see you on the intimates, your a perfect fit, and I never would have guessed it, the greys look great on the commission piece and the pin up was the bomb, I'm a big fan of ice cream cones smashed on peoples heads.

Sam Out-

johnnyjustice said...

That is one smokin' Destra...


icemanx62 said...

Congrats on the Intimates gig Ale. What issue # will be your first in the series? Are you still taking commissions?


Gabe_Eltaeb said...


I picked up you Aspen book today. it looks great. Congreats on the Intimates, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite books.


Gabe_Eltaeb said...


One more thing.
My daughter wanted me to tell you she loves your work and she was dissapointed to learn that you are leaving Batgirl. She loves comics and hopes to meet Sandra Hope at the con in July.

I hope to see you guys all there.


TahoeX said...

man i can t wait i love the intimates

patman said...

this new version of bat vs supes really looks great! i didn't get to see your intimates pin-up before but you have got them down perfectly. it is as if you were cammo. i actually dropped intimates from my pull list but your fill-in issue will definitely be in my list the week it comes out.

just one comment on the pin-up... i think it would have been better if you had destra's hands positioned outward some more. hands at shoulder width just seems to have ruined that shot. ;-)

patman said...


now that you have a "lighter" sked, any chance iron chef contest can be started again? it has been so long since the last one that i don't remember what the contest title is anymore.

also, when is jim's promised one-on-one going to happen? i know he is busy but you know that everyone is waiting for that

Renato Ítalo said...

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