Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nanny goats and all things fried....


Sorry I've been gone, been busy, lol! Good thing Richie kept it going! Thought I'd post a little Bats pic, chekkit out yo! Things've been hectic, prepping for the Con, our new Sketchbook, my next project, and of course fitting the family all in there somewhere, lol!

However everything's going good. The Con looks to be real exciting this year! Lot of people I'm looking forward to seeing! I'm hoping to get an X-treme Iron Chef battle up soon (Jim, wink, wink) We'll see how it goes. If it happens you all will be thoruoghly entertained! I know I will! Well, I'm super sleepy and would like to get to work somewhat earlier tomorrow, err I mean today!

"seacrest out..." PSHOO!PSHOO!


Neo said...

Hi Ale
That my friend is "the best" Batman pic I've seen you post!!! I love it. If you disagree and think you've done better Batman pics then em up :-)
Have you seen batman Begins? I thought it was 10/10! This pic is keeping the vibe alive.

Vick said...

Truly awesome work, Ale. As the poster above me said, this is the best Batman I have seen from you (and my second favorite is the Miller inspired Supes/Bats piece). Keep up the good stuff!

monsanto said...

Wow! Love that cape :)

Neo said...

Do you have a website where you can post larger files? I'd love to see a much bigger version of this "master piece"
ps Love the bulked-up-Bad-ass take on batman


Looks good ale, was this a commission?

Neo said...

Holy Copyright Infringement Batman!!
Has anyone tried right clicking and saving the Batman pic? It saves to your PC but the pic is invisible??? Try it! I planned to do a fanart homage of this piece. Is this some kinda copyright protection? All the other pics are the same????
Lucky for me and my fanart I found a way around it :-)
Neo beats the Matrix...yeh baby yeh!

meek? said...

I third or fourth Neo's first post. Best Bats drawin' I've seen from you. Tall and imposin'. Great stuff!


TranquilFlow said...

nice batman! i really like the pose


Neo said...

Wo Its me again :-)
Ale, I'm amazed at how "Jim" like this sketch is. Batmans face is real Jim stuff. Did he have any hand in this pic?
Anyone noticed the batline in Batmans right hand is shaped into an A for Ale????