Monday, June 13, 2005

Iron Gelatomettista Challenger: KARL KERSCHL!

Today's challenger is none other than current Superman artist, Karl Kerschl! Known previously for his work on Majestic, Karl is quickly becoming recognized as one of today's top talents! With an art style that is truly unique, and full of life it is a sure bet that he will give our Iron Gelato's a run for their money!

Make sure to tune in around 3:00 pst to be a part of the action, as you the fans will decide what our subject of the hour will be!

For closer examples of Karl's work click these links!




jtruong008 said...

Did I call that? Karl Kerschl!!!

Vince said...

let's say Namor !!

Tanviper said...

the punisher



patman said...

not familiar with his work but judging from these plus his entry, i could see that he has great depth and variety in terms of his art. i am particularly loving his majestic pose. it makes sense to have a non-trad layout like that if you are in space.

great work and a great contestant. hats off to the person who picked him as a contestant.

davidxxx said...

cool t-shirt!