Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Iron Battle-rama!

Iron Battle-rama!
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Whew, whatta contest! I gotta say Karl impressed the hell out of me with his entry. If he wins he definitely deserves to. This is what this contest is all about! Karl brought a truly unique vision to the contest, and most likely has affected the way all us Iron Gelato's will approach future contests!

I met Karl at Wiz LA, he's a great guy. I personally have followed his work for quite some time. I felt it was time to introduce his work here to you guys who may not of yet caught on. We'll leave the voting open till tomorrow noontime pst. But I just wanted to thank Karl once again for a great contest! Hopefully this is just the begining of some good battles!



karl said...

Sheer energy and movement versus.... well.. sleepy elephants? I'm glad we could offer up a diverse challenge.

I've been an avid Gelato-Reader since the site's inception, and the thought of participating in an Iron Chef challenge was daunting - it forces you to make a lot of decisions in very little time. I was wired for half an hour after finishing!
Big, big thanks to Ale and the rest of the Chefs for letting me be a part of this.
I captured most of the hour on my firewire camera, so once I edit out all the footage of my head in front of the lens I'll post it at my site and let you guys know.

The voting is close! Keep 'em coming!


A well deserved victory (even though not announced as of yet- but with a pretty constant lead), and Karl I have been enjoying your fresh take on different characters, with your slick line-work, I'll be checking your site, and once again congrats a little early.

I really liked Ale's but there was so much energy and aggression, I really like the juxtaposition of large and aggressive creatures, yet tranquil and peaceful small moments, all and all good stuff all around and it was a hard vote for me to cast.

Sam Out-

Jack Smith said...

your name inspires IMO a nerdier looking vision, so nice to see what you really look like.

"ale garza" just sounds cool i have to admit

jtruong008 said...

Both were great pieces! I just couldn't decide who to vote for, so I'm sorry I didn't.