Monday, June 06, 2005

Batman Begins!

Batman Begins!
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So here I sit, in Grauman's theater between Denys Cowan, Neal Adams, and Tim Sale waiting for the Batman Begins premiere to start. Walked the red (well in this case, black) carpet where I was rushed past the likes of Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and others. This image is of the curtain within...

I purposely shyed away from seeing any of the advance material for this movie cause I want to see it as a 'fan.' Trailers these days just give away too much and scripts are too readily available online. Everything I hear about this movie is that it is the best Batman movie yet so I'm on pins and needles.

Will drop a review later and after party report if I'm still standing. Just arrived last night from Italy where some of our close friends just got married on the coast of the Adriatic.


Parsifal said...
I know what you mean Jim. I saw this trailer (above) and I hope it doesn't destroy my first imppresion when I see the movie this Tuesday in the Metreon (SF).
Comic Relief in Berkeley, CA called me up over the weekend and told me I won two free passes. I love that comic shop, so much history.
I don't know if you know, but Rorry was sick for a while right after they moved to a better location.
Didn't you live in Berkeley for some time?

patman said...


i wish all theaters would have that bat signal on the curtains before each showing starts! can't wait for the movie to arrive on our shores. just 8 days to go before the 1st screening.


Well be honest in your review Jim- give it to us as a fan and not an employee.

Sam Out-

Team Mercury said...

Jim have such an exciting life.

See you in San Diego, bud!

GTJDorris said...

How odd. I'm in Friuli right now, Gorizia specifically. Kinda like when I found out J.Lo and Jane Fonda were three blocks from my apartment a month or two ago after the fact; that had an odd feel to it as well.

-- Jonathan

Tyler Wilken said...

Tyler = Totally jealous.

Elayne said...

Heck with dropping a review, just keep dropping those names! :)

icemanx62 said...

I'm surprised they let you bring a camera in to the theater. They usually hold on to your camera/camera phones here in NY for preview screenings. Can't wait for the review.

Neo said...

Hi Jim
I doubt they let you in with the camera eh? :-) Just take the damn thing in :-) I take a rucksack with my own snacks/drinks etc into the cinema. Im not tight Im frugal :-)
Look forward to the review. Keep it real :-)

karasu said...

On with the review!

| rc | said...

Yes where is the review!?

Jacob said...


Where's the movie review?
And you never got back to readers about purchasing your original art back. Did you get--what was it--the cover from X-Men #268? I think I saw an ad in a comicbook magazine that showcased it, although that doesn't necessarily mean they own or have the real deal. I can look up the link, but there's no point if you already got your artwork back.

mia said...

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