Friday, June 10, 2005

Status quo...

Status quo...
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So I'm thinking I'd like to get this place jumping again. I know everyone's been busy but I'm going to make a serious attempt to once again attempt to get something of interest up each day. First off I'm going to get the Iron Chef challenges going again. I'd like to get at least a couple more before the SD Con so we'll have even more art to donate. Hopefully if his schedule allows it we'll get Jim to battle. Also Look for more Canyon, hopefully one this weekend. Also in preparation for our PH4 2k5 sketchbook, I'll be posting up a few more pieces of stuff that'll be featured inside.

As for me right now I've just been chugging away. Trying to get as much work done in preparation for my next ongoing project. It's a real exciting time for me, and really for everyone else on this site. We all our going to be having some fun stuff coming out soon. Anyways, like I said, let's get this party goin' again yo!

"turn down that original cast recording!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Jack Smith said...


did cammo explain to you how destra's outfit never releases a nipple... like EVER!

anyway, looks cool. and i know this is probably a rule Jim made... but why post a pic every single post? i would dig an update from you folks like a convential blog rather than a post a week. i know finding a pic or scanning something is annoying after while.


Ale, I'll be looking forward to your future post (especially) for the PH4 2k5 sketchbook, and best of luck with the new gig, I'll be waiting for it.

Sam Out-

Salix said...

Ale, your work on the Fathom book was awesome. I like the scene where people in the stands are cheering for Aspen, I think I see Homer in there, Waldo, and Wolverine.

spinkick said...

hey it's great to see some more activity! I'm sure you guys are busy, but you're killin' us!! ;)

anyway, I've been checking out this blog for months now and absolutely love it. What a great way for fans to interact with the true 'heroes' of comics -- the creators. You have really inspired me to want to improve my art skills and practice. Thanks for the inspiration.

wheels9696 said...

thank you for breathing life in the blog....the fans appreciate it!

Randy Stone said...

yeah, this blog was full of so much excitement when i first found it, but it's been somewhat dead for a while now

probably the high point (considering i'm a wannabe inker) was when jim posted his superman page

i just think things like that are great because they actually INVOLVE the viewers here...i'd love to see some more stuff like that! maybe throw up a batgirl page or something ale? :D