Saturday, June 11, 2005

Way back...

Way back....
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I was going through my pile of Batgirl crap tonight looking and recounting what I accomplished on my run. I gotta say, it was a blast! There's a big part of me that's going to miss drawing her.

Going through my stuff I found a lot of preliminaries I forgot about. Came across this little piece. Which was just a doodle, a re-imagining for my own mind. Made her a little more tech-y, opened up her mask, played with the colors. Who knows, something like this might've been fun. Either way it was interesting coming across it.

I'm currently trying to recruit some big name talent for future Iron Chef battles. And it's almost definite we will be seeing the man himself partake ;) So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

"I'm in love" PSHOO!PSHOO!


patman said...

great news on iron chef. looking forward to it (as the blogs seems to have slowed down somewhat).

hope you can get considered in doing teen titans or outsiders. i think you would be a good fit


Iron Chef! Iron Chef! Iron Chef!

Can't Wait Ale!

And thats a great preliminary.

Sam Out-

GoingNuckinFuts said...

well I dunno bout you guys but I remember some of the best Iron Chef battles were the ones of Iron Chef aginst Iron Chef.

Anyways as much as I like Cammo on the Intimates...its going to be real cool seeing a different take on it. And looking at the post on the bottom it looks like my favorite character (Punchy) is going to look even more like an a$$ haha dont mean to use that word but sometimes it just seems to suite him best.

Jack Smith said...

i like your new batgirl bision there

the current serial killer looking batgirl IN MY OPINION lacks a lot of things.