Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nico sporting "House of Nome Haute Couture"


Hello everyone, Oliver here. Here's my version of Nico from "Runaways" that I did for Chris Mikkelson to pick-up at Comic-Con. I stayed after hours last night and did the piece from start to finish and I'm really happy with it. I love "Runaways" and having the chance to draw my favorite character from the team was a lot of fun.

I wanna thank Chris for his support too. I met him at WonderCon and then Wizard World L.A. and he's purchased commissions from me at both shows.

Thanks again Chris, see you and everyone else next week!



nice stuff nome, see ya at the con!

marc bernardin said...

very nice...good luck at SDCC

John Learned said...

hey oliver, i really like your stuff but i have a quick question: since i haven't seen anything published from you yet, what does an intern at wildstorm do? i'm sure your days are filled with you drawing and learning the ins/outs of production, but what's a typical day for you like?

Gelatomettista said...

Hi John, Oliver here. Thanks for the compliment about my work. As for a typical day at Wildstorm...first off, I'm no longer an intern (yeah!), I was officially hired on earlier in the year and I'm a full time concept artist on the DC MMO. The earliest I'll have some published sequentials would be towards the end of the year if not next year. My work days though are the same as they were when I was interning, just arrive in the morning and start on my assignments for the week. They consist of anything from character turn arounds, building motifs, and environmental designs. The artists all take lunch together and we discuss the game, comics, movies and all the other stuff us geeks chat about. Before I start on the finished designs I usually show Jim the prelims and he gives me his advice and tweeks and I'll go from there. At the end of the day I usually work on commissions, my own stuff, and sequentials to show editors. So that is a typical day for me at Wildstorm and I'm loving it!

John Learned said...

right on, thanks. congratulations on not being an intern anymore. no more getting d'anda's coffee for you. have fun at SDCC