Monday, July 23, 2007

lookie lookie goodies for you cookies


Yo, what's up folks. "Welcome to KIRBYLAND". MY first solo mainstream sketchbook. By now, y'all should know my formula "Fun, Love and Flava". That way the medicine tastes better :)

It would be "cool beans" if you guys showed some LOVE to my homies and I in artist alley. This year they stuffed us waayyyy in the back. Jim will be signing with us a few times and they had to account for crowded masses. The whole gang will be over there with all kind of goodies for you cookies. So follow the orange line on the map below to where the teddy bears are having their picnic.

Till next time "PEACE MY PEEPS".


and other drawn stuff said...

The Cover of this Sketchbook looks awesome, JJJK.
I love those artist's sketchbooks.
I would love to get my hands on one of those.
But I'm stuck here with the guys who yodel and wear lederhosen...damn




John Learned said...

hey are you thinking of selling any of these over the blog? ohio's pretty far from SD...

Sweet Uncle Lou said...

Yeah! I can't make it to SDDC either, it'd be nice if they were also available to us through the blog! Any previews of the goodies inside for us at all??

gdeo said...

looks great jj ..i'll see y'all there a new geltometti sketchbook this year?

Anonymous said...

Love the sketchbook JJ. Can't wait for the next one. There will be a next one, RIGHT???

San Diego

Unknown said...

JJ, can we purchase this from you or from this site?
My friend at was trying to help me get a 3 of them for myself and my friends.