Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Hey y'alls, Oliver here. I'm so excited about Comic-Con in two weeks! It'll be my first time ever attending and I'll be there with Jim and the rest of WildStorm too!

Anyhoo, in-between all of the things I'm working on here at the studio, commissions and trying to finish new sequentials, I've been trying to get as many pieces done as I can for the show like this Catwoman.

I wanted to do a fun piece and did my take on her costume. Hope you like and see y'all at the show!



nice! see ya there!

Ashigaru said...

"I tawt I taw a puddytat!"

*heh* Awesome work! See ya at the Con!

Elayne said...

Is her zipper broken or something?

Dani Serrano said...


How can I contact you for a commission?

Wagner Beethoven said...

i really dont know who you are, but u save my life, i look here a wildcatss pic to put in my blog, thanks só much!