Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best of the Blog!


Our new GELATOMETTI: BEST OF THE BLOG" Sketchbook debuts at Comic-Con! It's 64 pages of our favorite posts here on the blog and limited to 1000 copies!

We'll all be in Artist's Alley throughout the weekend and I'll have the sketchbooks available first thing Thursday morning! Here's a list of where we'll be and there's a map below too:

Sandra Hope,KK-01
JJ Kirby,KK-02
Michael Lopez,KK-03
Oliver Nome,KK-04
Alex Sinclair,KK-05
Adam Archer,KK-06

Alé Garza,LL-01
Joel Gomez,LL-02
Ryan Benjamin,LL-03
Carlos D'Anda,LL-04
Richard Friend,LL-05
Jim Lee,LL-06

It's always fun to meet people from the blog, so stop by and say "Hi!"

And for everyone who can't make it out to San Diego, we'll take orders AFTER the con, so please check back here for more info!

Comic-Con here we come!!!


Steve99 said...

How can buy one copy!?

John Learned said...

gravy. if it's half as good as last year's...

gdeo said...

both this and Jim's sketchbook are the BEST!!!

Richard Oh said...

Good times at SDCC for all!

Ron Salas said...

Can I buy this online?
I wasn't able to go to SDCC.

mic? said...

For folks and haters who still wonder why Jim Lee's a phenomenon/supa'star even after all his positive contributions to comic book history in the past 15+ years... I'm sorry, but you're dumb. :T

You won't see any other creator givin' his panel attendees Mrs. Field's Cookies other than Jim. Didn't get a chance to grab one, but the sentiment was tops.

Great con. Awesome sketchbook. SDCC07 was bomb.

Even if I couldn't get into the frickin' "Heroes 360" panel. Grrr...




and i also didn't get into the heros panel :(

Tom said...

San Diego was insane, loved it. Sadly, I missed the Jim Lee book and the Besty of sketchbook.

Anyway I can buy these over the net without paying insane ebay prices? Please e-mail me, thanks!

Yano said...

Hmm....would I be able to get one of these at Wizard World Chicago>

and other drawn stuff said...

I wanna buy this sketchbook too and I don't even get near those cons.
Is there a way to buy it online?