Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Hey y'alls, Oliver here. Phew! So I survived my first Comic-Con ever, period and it was amazing! I didn't really get to do anything or see anyone cause I was booked all weekend at my table in artist's alley with commissions but that was my goal and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I met a lot of cool people and would like to thank everyone who bought a sketchbook or who just came by to chat. I would also like to thank the following people who commissioned me for artwork: Chris Mikkelson, George Moorer, Kevin, John Faraci (who got 3 commissions), Leonard (who got his 3rd piece from me), Sarah (who got two commissions), Michael and Marty, Dennie, Kirk (who got his second or third piece from me...), Ruth Cook, and Olivier Delflas who purchased an original piece. Some of you also purchased art but I never wrote down your names, sorry and thanks again!

This piece I posted was a con pickup of "Jakita" from Planetary...my favorite WildStorm title of all time. I did it on 11x17 and inked it myself. Her skin tone was done with ebony pencil.

I'm really happy with this piece and it barely made it onto my latest sketchbook but I'm so happy it did.

Untill next time!


Nick said...

Hey Oliver,

Great to hear the con was such a success for you! This piece really is a great one, thanks for sharing~


Brett Wood said...

Looking pretty sweet man! You gonna be in Chicago?

Fogger said...

Damn - I collect Jakita sketches, I'll have to get one now!

Anonymous said...

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