Monday, July 02, 2007



... as I have said before, there is nothing BETTER for creativity sometimes than a really crappy deadline!!! ...I had to turn this cover around FAST, I think I penciled and inked it one night, AND colored it the next day in about one hour, maybe two! ...I had to be smart with my time, so I REALLY had to edit my thinking and streamline the whole thing.

As anybody that knows me, I tend to OVERTHINK my work a lot of the times, and because of that, it can be either too busy, or well, over-thought... in this case I didn't have that luxury, so I approached this thing more like 'graphic design' than anything else, and the colors in the same way.

Brian (Azzarello) and I agreed early on using the two 'Deathblow stripes' as a unifying element on ALL the covers, and this one was giving me a hard time at first... should it be graffiti on the backwall? Maybe he has two wounds and the blood..? etc etc... then I realized that the lasers would be a perfect excuse to create the iconic lines.

This is probably the cover that I'm he most satisfied with so far, so once again, a damn, evil deadline was my best friend! (^_^)

Take care y'alls!



antonio said...

Carlos me encanto el resultado!!
I loved what you drew with that harsh deadline!!
amazing work!!


syrtheone said...

I love this: I know exactly what you mean - about not having much time and the creative energies. I think that's when I am at my best.

SedatOezgen said...

This is the best cover Ive seen from the whole series yet!! thumbs up!
And i agree on the thing abou the time, the less you have of it, the better the solutions become, can you post the b&w too,please?
Sedat :)

Ashigaru said...

Nothing like a short deadline to make you use the Force(tm) and get out of your own way!

Excellent work, great style and great composition.

Remi said...

wow, very nice

Fabrizio said...

Clever and effective!


mic? said...

This is hot!!

I like the more "graphic designerish" covers anyway like the ones from Fell and DMZ. My eyes are just drawn to 'em almost immediately on the shelves at the comic shops.

You should be given more evil tight deadlines. Heh ;]


EricCallen said...

Thanx for sharing, Carlos!

This series is, in my opinion, some of your best stuff.

Deathblow is one of my fave comic characters and to have you and Brian doing this book is too, too much for me!