Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All Star Batman and Robin update


Here's what I know...issues 5 and 6 are DONE. I'm knee deep in issue 7. Rather than come out with 5 when it was done, the decision was made to hold up issues and stockpile them so when they do start coming out, that there won't be any holdup between issues.

As far as WildCats--I can't draw what I don't have script for. Once I get that back on track, I will let you know. My enthusiasm for both titles remains sky high; last year was the toughest year for me personally but fortunately, things have lightened up this year allowing me to return to the drawing table.

Here's some pages just so you know I'm not pulling your leg. I've blurred out parts of my pages so no one official gets bent out of shape showing work before it gets printed! I don't have official release dates for the books but once I do, I will put em up as well. Just relax and know many issues will be coming out this year.

Oh and one last's only the fact I have been getting work done that has allowed me to schedule the additional con appearances I posted recently. I turned down shows to Barcelona, Philadelphia and Chicago to focus on getting the work back on track.

Hope you guys dig the pages...


Unknown said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for the update Jim. Looking forward to getting t osee your art on a more regular basis soon.


Chris Weston said...

Jim, now that he has embraced patriotism so publicly (as a result of the events of 9-11) has Frank Miller changed the way he depicts Superman?

Fabrizio said...

Ciao Jim. My 1st copy of All Star B&R (the one you signed in Mantova after the interview) came from San Francisco, thanks to a friend of mine that study there.

I found the 2nd and the 3rd in a comic-shop in Munich.

The 4th? I bought it in Forbidden Planet. London

It seems this story has more to tell than the story itself!

Anyway, I'm subscribed now. So I can wait in Italy for your issue to come out... EHEHEHE!
I'm here, I wait and I'm patient. Take the time you need to complete your great art.

...if you can...

...ehm... we like your posts on Gelatometti. It would be cool if you may write more. I know that there's not always enough time, but your bloggin' is great.

Ciao from Torino


Abc said...

Hi, I'm trying, again.
My name is Arthur Batista Cordeiro and I have 19 years old, I'm talking to you from Brazil. Yes, I'm Brazilian and a big fan of Jim Lee (you, I guess). Sorry for my english, but I learned alone. I also learned to draw by myself.
I'm still a bad drawer,but I have been studying anatomy and other things that I do not know how to write in english.
I would like to receive coments from you about my cartoons. If you wish...
My draws are in my flickr
If u prefer send me a e-mail:

I know that problably you are very busy with your work (mainly because of Frank (the Miller) with All Star Batman and Robin).
But... Make a fan Happy... Please



SedatOezgen said...

Hey Jim,
I Hate these pages, I really Hate these pages...because I cant see them completely :D glad to see some new artwork and Iam really excited where you and frank are going to lead the book to.
I hope you will upload the pages again when you get an official okay to show them completely.
youre not going to ba at SDCC? I was hoping to meet you there...Ill do my best to get to that con.
all the best wishes,
Sedat :)

Urban Barbarian said...

Always appreciated! Great work - from what I can see of it! ;)

rmaunruh said...

Thanks for the update, Jim.
I really appreciate this. I have to admit that I had lost a little hope for a while there, but you have just pulled me back in. Thanks for the great pics, even if they are blurred.

Anonymous said...

Nice pages Jim. I was hoping Wonder Woman's costume would be skimpier..heheheh! Anyway, I still think All Star B&R is great. I always love a Bad assed Batman.

Brandon said...

I understand both sides of the delimma here. Sure everyone wants to get a monthly book. BUT would you rather have a monthly book that's thrown together or contains sub-par art & story or would you rather have top notch material less frequently? Patience is a virtue and I'm voting with my wallet. Can't wait to see whatever is released this year Jim!

(Big Dog on myspace)

ps...still hoping to see you again in Charlotte at Heroes Con someday! ;)

Richard said...

Awesome. Glad to hear about the updates. Looking forward to all your stuff! Hopefully I can get a sketch on my birthday at Baltimore!

Brett Wood said...

Wow amazing....

Yano said...

Boo, no Chicago. Well, I guess if it's to get work done, that takes priority. I do hope you come back again soon!

Remi said...

whoa..i'm getting to see jim lee stuff on a blog, crazy.

Andrea said...

Ciao Maestro,sei sempre il numero 1.Ti aspettiamo in Italia.Great Jim,I hope to met you soon.Ciao!

Maxxipoo! said...

As a potential future comic book artist, i wanted to sincerely say that it's pages like these what make me realize the distances i need to cross to be where i want to be artistically. I recently began collecting alan davis' run on x-men and silvestri's future x men story and along with these mere glimpses of pages, there's so much BOLD storytelling and beautiful imagery to learn from. I want to thank you for inspiring me to work on my art and sharing your MAD SKILLZ with the bloggering community!

-the maxxipoo!

Unknown said...

wow! thanks for the update jim! that half-inked page of the JLA really looks great. can't wait to see the entire thing.

Line Medic said...

Cool. Glad your still alive.

Unknown said...

doooood, plastic man is going to be in all star? this was worth the wait!

i also like the classic diana costume. looks like those old cover pages when they would have her in bondage like poses.

Rey said...

"this was worth the wait!"

NO, it isn't.

I like Jim Lee's art. The art is the saving grace of the book nonetheless, the writing to date has been insulting to one's intellegence. I stopped buying the book after issue 2. I truly hope to be able to read a new issue and buy the product.