Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1 and 2 minute sketches

(entry Rich)

Here's a page of warm ups from tonight. As promised I am posting all this stuff in order and I am not leaving out much of anything. I do many of these pieces(more than posted online) and I am trying to always show the first piece of the night because I think it's the hardest to do for me. I think that keeps this thing pretty real. That's what I think people want to see.

These are just pencil on paper for the original. I am using a dull HB lead on typing paper (the after effects of neon I just do with some nob turning in photoshop) I set up a timer and I give myself no longer than 2 minutes.

uhm...what else can I say....I have seen some improvement and I am 5 days into this. I focused in on some tough areas for myself and you know honestly these last few days I have drawn a LOT of figures. It's starting to pay off a bit. I can do little parts that usually take much longer faster, and I am getting a little more confidence in the final look (not sure if it's apparent in these actual drawings) but it's moving along. It feels more solid and a little more confident. And that's the goal.


reading:All-Star Superman

watching: The Simpsons

listening to: NIN

follow this daily and see all the art here:



Bijoy said...

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

Gelatomettista said...

Blogger must be having some problems right now. I can't get the image to upload and show up here.

check out the deviant art page to see it now.

I'll have it fixed here a little later.



vast improvement rich!

i'm on here the same time you are

how do i know?

you posted here at 10:53 pm

i was looking at DA just a second ago at 11:33 pm and there wasn't the current one on there, read the blog message, went back and it was there!

i'm sure any second now you'll have this fixed as soon as i'm done here

anyway great stuff, see ya tomorrow



see, i was right!

now it's 11:44 pm and now it works!

Abc said...

I didn't know nothing about your job, but, now, I am your NEW fan. I am talking from Brazil (Because this my english is not so good - I learned alone-).
How do you make the form human so 3d? What did I need to make in my draws for this happen?


Danh said...

Are you listening to NIN - Year Zero? That is one awesome CD!

Unknown said...

Hey Rich ( and anyone else interested),

There is a mini caricature/cartoon convention going on in SD 4/30-5/2 if you're interested. Mostly people drawing faces but cartoonists and character designers will be there also, and once we all get together it becomes one big cross-pollinating teaching/learning/sharing/stealing session. Sean "Cheeks" Galloway will be there and David Colman. I'ts FREE! But limited to 80 people each day. I talked to the organizer today and they arn't full yet. Hit me up if you want to go (or pass along my email to anyone you know that might be interested) and I'll give out the info, I hesitate to give someone elses contact info to the masses.


Unknown said...

Just talked to the convention orginizer again and he said a link to the site is cool :
and also:

I'd be awesome if you or anyone else would like to come.




hey rich!

saw your batmen

i like the first one the most

try for more of a rectangular face than a round one

make a rectangle within a rectangle

bigger one for the back of the head and neck and one for the face

i'm also wondering if i should still comment here

are you still looking here?

if so, i'll continue

if not, i'll post at blasterkid

let me know

also looking forward to your next installment tonight

Blasterkid said...

oh yeah I generally read the posts here and will reply here. It's totally different. Anything I post here is a stand alone. This is a lot for some people to take in.

I still have friends who are pro's that don't know I pencil after three I don't expect strangers to really follow this so closely.

It's really just an open sketchbook. I am keeping this place updated about 3 times a week.




wackx on, wackx off

alec baldwin sings? rill-e?

nice stuff, see ya tomorrow

just had a thought:

do you have a voice recorder, maybe you could do a podcast or a webcam, ya know something you can put on youtube?


you missed last nights

Blasterkid said...

Site was in read only mode. I couldn't upload any art when I logged on. It sometimes takes an hour or so to go back into active mode. I went to bed.



good luck on your first ? penciled book


nice stuff from monday

less lines, more defined

lets see what you have in store tonight


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