Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kirby - Ultraviolet


Milla Jovovich kicking and flipping all over the screen in a skimpy color-changing outfit is cinema eye-candy. Add in the guy who gave us "gun-kata" and some cool, sci-fi guns and swords for extra popcorn action. Finally, throw in a bunch of my favorite comic book artists for the opening credits and it's a must-see movie. Then the reviews started coming in and they just lost me.

Well, for everyone who still wanted to check out the opening credits without sitting through the rest of the movie, here's JJ's Ultraviolet piece.

And below are some more I found around the 'net too:

Kieron Dwyer
Randy Green
Ed McGuiness, Dexter Vines & Brian Reber
Dustin Nguyen
Phil Noto
Jeff Parker
Rick Remender
LeSean Thomas & Stuart Ng

Maybe I'll check out that unrated DVD someday.


Elayne said...

One person's eye-candy is another person's stomache ache.

As someone with a "female gaze" I'm afraid I don't tend to drool over women.

Hey, that illustration looks like she's missing some internal organs! :)

mic? said...


Nice! I like how JJ rocks many styles.

Regardin' Ultraviolet, I'll give it a go when it's premiered on network TV. I'm a fan o' Jovovich 'cause it seems like she actively and counter-intuitively tries to be an action heroine despite lookin' like a stereotypical fragile supermodel. That's hot to me.

And I liked the Resident Evil joints released thus far.


Sail said...

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. It had some cool visuals, but it wasn't cool enough to justify the rest of that terrible movie.

francis tsai said...

that movie was hilariously bad.

Maxxipoo! said...

Wow, i remember watching ultra violet.... it was a....motion picture...with people in it...
it wasn't that good, but my friends and i cheered at points, and laughed WAY too hard at others... it's an OK flick... do what we did, have yourself a bloodrayne/ultraviolet movie night with all your friends, as with ours, it will be the greatest night of your lives for years to come!!!

Space_Monkey said...

cool. what about the bermejo's one?

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the film, but didn't see it until I bought a used version of the DVD. Thanks especially for hunting down all the mock cover art. I have to admit: until today, I was taken in……I thought there really HAD been a comic book!