Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Scarlet Witch

(Entry ricH)

Here's a Scarlet Witch drawing I did tonight. I have been doing so many figure drawings and studies lately I wanted to do something fun tonight. I really like drawing girls, so this was like a reward for all the hard work I've been doing lately (inking 2 pages and day and coming home and penciling every night) This took about 90 minutes to do, and it was the first time I've ever drawn her.



G said...

Wow Rich, I like that a lot. Simple yet detailed, and just a very nice representation. I particularly like the way you drew her hair. That may seem a little odd to say but it's kind of hard to decide how to draw thousands and thousands of strands of hair and I think I rather like the way you chose to do it. Good job!!

-- Jonathan

P.S. Is your cat doing better now?

Requius said...




take a break rich, you deserve it

2 days sounds about right

then back to figures

Blasterkid said...

I can't stop now~



I figured it out and I had said it was 6 months since I had drawn comic stuff. I realized it had been 10 months.


I was working on art all kinbds of different stuff (some I still can't show online)....but man my drawing chops for this type of work are dusty right now. I felt it coming back on this one. I was seeing the stuff clearer..I think in about 6 to 8 weeks....I should be really cranking.

thank you for the nice words.


Richard Oh said...

I like it a lot. I look forward to seeing you grow in your art.


man, that's weird

for a second there i thought you were talking to yourself :)

your welcome rich :highfive:


just saw the latest (thurs)

nice figures, but your beginning to put more lines down than before

need to reel it back in

also i like that old WW pic

it reminds me of a pic i did a while back

ya know i have a problem rendering hair

i can see that you put "bubbles" on each end of a strand then pull it together with close together lines or just lines but when i do it, it sucks

maybe at this years SDCC you can show me some pointers


Blasterkid said...

The more complex the pose the more I am trying to find the right lines. Maybe that's what you are seeing. Some of the poses I am trying to do are pretty hard.


and please feel free to come by and I'll try and help you out any way I can with your work. I'll be with the rest of the Wildstorm crew. Everyone's really nice so I am sure you can hit just about all of us up for a little info.




yup, i know

i see you guyz every year

you guyz are great


hey rich,

if i post anything, i'll post at your latest one

so currently it's WW with that amazing hair