Friday, April 13, 2007

Voodoo in training

(entry ricH)

I was talking to Joel today at work about our different take on comics, styles of art, approaches to drawing, and learning to draw etc. It was really fun. It got me thinking about my own past learning practices and where I had seen the most results.

Realistically for monthly comics you have to be able to draw a page a day (or at least one page every two days) That takes intense practice and study. You have to have your skills very sharp. You have to be able to go in and it's second nature.

I am killing two birds with one stone on this Voodoo drawing. I'm training a friend of mine to ink. I have hopes that he'll ink me in the future. I just don't see realistically being able to do the amount of work I want to do and inking it myself. So I am starting to pound through a training regimen for he.....and I.

I did this piece fast (one hour) which is REALLY quick for me. I am not totally happy with everything on it, but I am trying to break myself down...focusing in on sitting down and starting and finishing things in one session(with time limits on these first pieces). I had to do this all pencil too, so my pal Jon could ink it. He's training too. Hopefully we'll have our stuff working together well enough to land a gig by this summer.



Fabrizio said...

I would cut a finger of my left hand to have you as trainer...


if you're in "jigsaw" mood...!




SedatOezgen said...

Hey Rich,
cool to see you finally posting some pencils again. Are you going to go for a gig at DC/WS or are you trying to get a original story published at Image/Darkhorse or so?

I would really love to see your buddies inks, I guess having you as a trainer/teacher will be very helpful for an aspiiring inker :)

All the best wishes,

Kate said...

Wish you luck on landing a gig soon. :-)

Brandon said...

Rich your pencils are getting really tight! I've always been a big fan, here's hoping you land a job that inspires you and your inking buddy someday soon!




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raph said...

that looks fantastic and it's nice to see you posting back here regularly again. hopefully we'll get to see some more of your stuff and i'd love to see your work in a book. best of luck!

Maxxipoo! said...

Sweet piece!
The body is TIGHT, the arm in the distant seems small-ish, and her left eye seems wonky. (wonky as in not as tight as her right eye.) Her ear seems a bit small as well. Beyond that, i LOVE the Kherubim arm and her tattoo is KICKIN'! the Blacks on her chest are really gonna pop and make her look TIGHT!!! As a video game artist, I would make the 3 swooshes larger on her back, to make them stand out more. and animation wise, i would've bent her arm in the distance in more towards her, to show more weight.
The hair is beautifully rendered and the spots you've decided to light on the back arm are well placed!! Did i mention that i LOVE the alien arm, its AMAZINGLY renderered!!!

OKAY just so i don't get attacked, these are my opinions, and thoughts from initial looks. Overall, i can't wait to buy your books in the future...


I'd like to see the ink finishes. How long do you suppose your Inking partner should take to get it finished on a realistic shedule or monthly book? + colour/lettering,etc?
Keep it coming!

Unknown said...

Looks good, but her ear is too small, like it would fit Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show.

Unknown said...

Looking sexy as ever rich. Not you ofcourse but your art. Keep up the quality work, I really hope you get a penciling gig but will you still have time to ink, your inking is top three in the business.

Gelatomettista said...

Hey thanks.

Jon had some luck in the process (the guy I am training.) But I knew him since he was about 16. He worked at the comic store I go to. He's a really cool guy and had been doing a lot of drawings and I saw potential in there. Couple that with a great work ethic. I have no doubt if he sticks to it...he could do some really nice work.

The figure and drawing on this one do have problems....and I am totally cool with people pointing them out.

the speed thing really got me on this one. Not drawing a lot of stuff for about 6 me very dusty.

I was doing a lot of art on the computer for a while and although I learned a lot....It's just a very different thing drawing and creating when it's just you and a pencil.