Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kirby - Hellstrom


Man, this piece stinks! And I don't mean the art, but there are actually fumes coming off this piece from all the markers JJ used. It hits both your eyes and nose at the same time.

Anyway, JJ just finished this in a fan's sketchbook and I think he did a killer job! I don't think it's a stretch to say that this is the best piece in the sketchbook now too.

He also touched it up in Photoshop to help pop the piece here and there. He was thinking about adding a fireball in his hand too, but I still think it looks hot without it.

It's also amazing that JJ's still using the same Berol markers he bought back in 1992. Fifteen years later and those markers are still going strong!


Richard said...

In the words of Peter (Family Guy), FREAKIN SWEET!

Ron Salas said...

That's a sketchbook piece?!?! Good lord!

mic? said...

haha... looks like JJ definitely put some stank on this! Funktastic!


Urban Barbarian said...

Kirby is too talented. Everyday I am upset by his tremendous skill! I vote that he should never be allowed to post again!!!

poggy said... that's painted in markers?


That's awesome, really.

Unknown said...

Dope! x 992389239034057234!

Unknown said...

JJ, you rock! Would love it if you can post some new X-babies stuff