Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tin Can with Strings To You

(entry ricH)

pencils, some inks and a lot of water color dyes. I try and move through multiple pieces in the same style to nail down the things I am trying to accomplish. Quick studies seem to do the job nicely. This isn't really the style I am interested in working in permanently but there were some sloppy aspects of quick work I wanted to go back to and disect.

I've been penciling a lot (lately) and I found myself slowing down on my finished pencils. I was drawing tighter and tighter because I like the look of very tight and carefully detailed work. I remembered that doing a new piece each night loosened me up and made me learn to react quickly to things like problem solving or just to avoid over thinking little details instead of 'BAM' that's the drawing.

I equate it to falling down a set of stairs and trying to land on your feet.



Fabrizio said...

Ehy Rich!
You know I'm a huge fan of your experiments!

Never without a poket camera! ;-D

I'm happy you're back



hey fab!

i got yo back wit that batman drawin' yu did

i voted for you!

i hope you win!

it really was no contest

the only other good one was angela's