Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Something New/Old

Something New/Old
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(entry: Scott Iwahashi)

Attached is the tryout image I sent to Wildstorm before initially getting work. I was asked to depict Zealot and Warblade and given free reign from there. Posting this old image, ironically, marks a new shift in my work. After getting a taste of penciling, I have really come to realize I am not suited for it.

That isn't to say I'm not suited to drawing, but that my process is far more nebulous. To compartmentalize my thought process into penciling, inking and coloring is counter-intuitive to me. When I create an image I think about the finished printed page and as a result the amount of penciling, inking and coloring I will do varies tremendously.

My perspective on comic book art is that every step should plus the last. In many cases, when I see the finished linework of someone like Michael Golden I feel that color is superfluous. It might separate objects from one another more, but it can also lose the depth, contours and gesture accomplished in line.

For that, at any given stage beside the final product, my work doesn't look complete. My pencils don't look finished, my inks look simple, but once the color is added the entire piece comes together in a way that incorporates every part and hopefully, rounds out the product. When I attempted to pencil, I couldn't fully separate penciling from inking and inking from coloring to get a sense of the leeway that each step requires. In that way, I feel that there were missteps as well as achievements that forced me to really reevaluate where my work should go.


Jon Tsuei said...

Thanks for sharing that image with us Scott. I think it looks great and I hope you post more of your work up on the site.

Now that you know penciling isnt really your thing, what do you think your next step is? I hope you still plan on doing interior art for comics. I know there are some artists out there that do a majority of the art chores in comics like Josh Middleton and Pascal Ferry (although I dont think Ferry colors his own art).

But best of luck to you and keep the posts coming! :)

Edco said...

Your art no doubt reflects the thought behind it as eloquently as the description of your process.

Hal! said...

Love the image! Love your work as a whole.

What is your next project man!


sedat said...

Hey Scott,
Im not sure if you read this, but I just want to tell you one thing, this stuff looks awesome!! I havent seen much of your sequential work yet, but if youre able to transfer what you do with pin ups into sequentials, then i have to say your doubbts about your skills as a comicbookartist are missplaced!!dont give it up that soon!! I think if youd get your shot on doing a graphik novel in that style,alot of people would be down with your stuff. Look atthe industry, there are so many artists that make me wonder how they got work, and when someone talented like you says hes not the person for interior art, then i have to say theres something wrong going on. I think you have a bright future and with a leading hand by the guys yore working with it will be even brighter!! ;) keep up the good work.

johnnyjustice said...

Basically you are stating the concept of synergy - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Good concept, and I think that you are not alone in thinking that way about your art. Take Joshua Middleton for example. His stuff doesn't really come to life until he lays down the colors himself, and that is what makes his (and your) artwork unique in its own respect.

This seems to be a trend in the comics industry that has been surfacing for the last couple of years. I think that is why there are several inkers out there thinking they may be out of jobs, but IMHO comic work should have inks, not "dinks", but that is a whole other can of worms =)

Salix said...

It sounds like you should try your hand at making your own comic, and not going through the standard script to pencil to ink to color process. Kind of like a David Mack book.

antonio said...

I agree about what it has been said for what I reading you want to become experimental and I you know it will be hard to be experimental and mainstream at the same time...why not considering Vertigo as you niche..
(Just a thought).

Great and good luck to you!!


corenthal j walker said...

Scott, I think what you REALLY need is a project that you can take some time on. If were able to do that, I'm POSITIVE the end result would knock the socks off comics fans everywhere.