Thursday, October 13, 2005

... the shame, the shame I tell you!!!

(entry: Carlitos)

heheheh ... man o' man, I knew this whole 'undefeated' thing was lasting too damn long! :) ...awesome job Koi, it was an honor 'battling' you, AND getting my butt kicked in the process! (^_^)

... I gotta say, 'Darkseid' came out of my head in two seconds flat, BUT the friggin' Surfer didn't want to cooperate from the get-go.

I must have drawn the little silver-bastard a good three or four times, and made the HUGE HUGE mistake of 'leaving' him 'till the end, hoping something better would come out then, and THAT my friends, was a pretty dumb idea! ...why? because at the end, my brain was already FRIED from inking 'Darkseid' (not to mention out of time, since filling in the blacks took it's sweet time) in a desperate attempt to finish the piece, I laid out a 'Silver Surfer' ala' MOEBIUS, just standing there on his board, and looking '"too powerful to bother getting in a battle-stance!!!" ...that was the idea anyway, I'm not sure if I 'quite' pulled it off. :) ...then Alé brought up the good point (after the fact, damn you!!! :) ) that most people are much more familiar with Kirby's and Buscema's (or Ron Lim's) Silver Surfer's attitude, which is totally different than Moebius'.

...anyway, the lesson of the day was; "drawing TWO character fighting, in ONE hour, is DAMN hard!!!", I'm pretty sure Koi knows what I'm talking about .... it just takes it out of ya'. I feel more 'tired' after drawing one of these mo'fos than I do after drawing a whole page!!! no lie, it's not 'how much' you draw, but 'the speed' at which you have to do it that just draaaaains you!!!

good battle Mr. Turnbull, good battle. (^_^)



RichardFriend said...

what is that photo? man that thing looks creepy.(really)


it's almost as scary as that Chris Cunningham video you brought to it your face and some sorta stuffed animal?

Chuckeedee said...

nah dude, it's a sad baboon :) ... now say it with me: baaaabooooooooooon!!!!

missleman said...

maybe if the fans weren't so literal about the word VS. then you would of had it- oh well, you still tops in my book.

Sam Out-

RichardFriend said...

That's a good point and something we have been talking about a bit at work. The Iron Chef concept is ONE ingredient.

there's been this trend for 2 people in all of them I think based on the vs. (or versus) part of 2 artists going up against each other.

can you draw 2 characters in one hour......yeah of course.....but the original idea was ONE idea.

Especially when you pit two companies against each other......I think that ads to the Versus aspect of the suggestions......

just a observation from the peanut gallery as they say.


RichardFriend said...

''there's been this trend for 2 people in all of ''

people meaning 'two characters' picked by fans to be drawn.

Iron Chef (the show) is ONE secret ingredient.