Thursday, October 06, 2005

Keeping suit w/Rich...

Keeping suit w/Rich...
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Wanted to keep up on Rich's previous post. We need to be giving more love to the books we're putting out. I wanted to give a little notice to another recently released, phenomonal looking book, Wildsiderz! Jeff has always been an amazing artist, and he just continues to top himself with his latest venture! Both he and Andy Hartnell are crafting a breath of fresh air in comics with this new title! Being an artist I just wanted to comment on some of the mind numbing stuff I see Jeff doing. It's fantastic! And a treat to see comics like this coming out!

This and the previously mentioned Wraithborn, are exactly the kinda books I get excited to see! I'm not gonna say that I don't enjoy some of the books with the art going more towards the realistic side these days. But for me, I love books like these! Books that capture all the imagination, creativity, and originality that can be achieved through comics! I can only hope my soon to be released ditty will be half as good. So hats off to both Jeff, and Joe, I look forward to the future issues of both these titles. And to you the fans, and maybe some of you who may even be retailers, show these books some love, and give em a nice push :)

"i'm a boy" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Ryan said...

No doubt about Jeff's talent. He and Andy have continued to go where others have feared to that they are NOT doing what everyone else is doing. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jeff a couple time, and Andy once, and you can tell they have so much enthusiasm for what they do because it translates into the product you see.

I started collecting comics JUST before Image took shape, so I've seen everything that Jeff & Joe Benitez have done over the years...and it still amazes me they have this creative energy to do something fresh & different.


Vince said...

I like the idea of you guys telling what you read ... and what you like !
What you said about Wildsiders is very true
Have fun Ale !

kewlio said...

i picked up the first issue of wildsiderz, it's okay so far.. kinda very "in the moment" so im not sure how it'll hold up for posterity

hey pretty random but can u explain

"i'm a boy" PSHOO!PSHOO!

it sounds really cool hahah

The Edge said...

any chance of you guys giving us a tutorial on computer coloring or how they do those hologram effects in Wildsiderz


KelleyhasAss said...

well I think to elaborate on Dans request for Ale to explain his quote "i'm a boy" PSHOO!PSHOO!
...hmmm, isnt it obvious what hes saying? Would be stranger if he was a saying he was a girl I think....


fabien said...

I just miss Alex Garner (am i just the only one?) here... Even if the digital inks are of upper quality on this book, they don't match the "thing" that Alex was adding on Jeff... (says never happy Fab!)