Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Iron Gelatometti Battle! Carlos D'anda vs Koi Turnbull!

All right boys and girls, make sure to post your suggestions here! The battle will start a little late today. It will run from 2:30-3:30 pst! So act now and get your suggestions in!


Vince said...

Hi guys,
Why not a White Queen versus Zealot fight ?
Bye !

3rdEyeDesign said...

I would like to see Galactus vs Silver Surfer. Good luck guys!

BallsDeep2008 said...

Green Goblin flying over Manhatten throwing pumpkin bombs.

I am balls deep.



aboutyou85 said...

I like the direction your heading balls deep. How about Venom fighting Bizarro.

dimebagdiggler said...

Orion Vs. Darkseid

chocobojoe said...

Female Midnighter and Female Apollo doing it right.


espressoDOM said...

green goblin over New York with Spiderman giving chase (maybe not even show spidey just his web)

BringerOfStorms said...

How about Thor vs. Silver Surfer?

kego said...

What about Madman beating on a few demon beatniks.

Ariel Aguire said...

How about representing each studio's characters in the battle too? I'd love to see any one of these choices:

1) (Wildstorm's) Deathblow vs. (Aspen's) Cannon Hawke!

2) Grifter vs. Ekos!

3) Zealot vs. Grace (Soulfire)!

4) Voodoo vs. Fathom!

You get the idea! (Yeah, I love exclamation points!)

- Ariel!

Ale Dangerous said...

combined a couple to come up with silver surfer vs darksied!

BringerOfStorms said...

Good! Thinkin! Ariel!


Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Tetsuo (all messed up and morphing) VS. Kaneda (with cool-ass shoulder laser!)

(From Akira, duh!)

Ariel Aguire said...

Thanks, WWJD!

Hey, it's already 3:11pm, does that mean they've already decided and started? Can't wait to see what they do, I'm sure they'll both kick ass!

- Ariel

BringerOfStorms said...

Don't know, but I am stoked to see the final selection and artwork!!!

EKON said...

Jack Marlowe (WildCats) VS Ranier (Soulfire)

BringerOfStorms said...

D U D E !
S U S P E N S E !
K I L L I N G !
M E !