Wednesday, October 19, 2005


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(entry: Carlitos)'s a bit of a close-up of that 'Solid Snake' piece I posted yesterday, since the previous scan was fairly small and someone made the good point that 'Snake's' face looked less defined in the 'new version' (which I agree with, judging from that particular image) here's this one, that way you can see a bit more of the work that went into his face and torso area.

Someone had also asked if this piece was 'available', and the answer is , so far, yes! :) ...I am just now starting to make some of the work I've done available online over at:, so go check it out and help out my "I-need-to-buy-new-toys-fund" ..heheheh :)



Jon Tsuei said...

Thanks for the closeup Carlos. I think this piece is great. Looking at it reminds me of how great the first Metal Gear Solid was and I think your piece really captures the feel of Snake. Dark, gritty and dangerous. Hmm, so who wins in duel, Solid Snake or Grifter?

Jesse Chin said...

I gotta save up for your stuff D'Anda...

I'm still scrounging from purchasing one of Ale's Batgirl covers last month. Tell Garza to send me it already too! =P


Ale Dangerous said...

hey man I promise I'll get it out to ya tomorrow!

Chuckeedee said...

hahahah, yeah, I'll kick Ale in the head tomorrow :)

....and who would win between Solid Snake and Grifter ey?!?

....hmhhhhhh, this would be my uber-dork answer: Grifter!!! ...why? 'cause dude, he was trained by Zealot and stuff, who more or less, in the WS universe, is supposed to be the ultimate warrior or something, right? AND he used to be in Team 7, who were like, the 'special' of special forces!!! I always hate the fact that writers usually just use him as a 'guns-only' character, but he's supposed to be 'up-there' with Wolverine or Batman when it comes to hand to hand combat skills, he'd even give the Midnighter a run for his money ... so there, that is my nerd answer, and I stand by it!!! (^_^)

Oscar said...

You are right. At a higher resolution, it is clear there is a lot great detail that has gone into this image.

I am especially liking the cross-hatching done on all of the neoprene belt portions of his suit ... and the nice distinction in washing intensity on his gun, and his upper torso (which is further back in the shadows).

This up-close image also brings out the excellent job done on adding real depth to the original inking (like the small white highlights added to the upper shoulder and leg pouch).

Jesse Chin said...

LOL Ale. =P

Dont worry about it. No rush dude. Im just paranoid that you sent it out and my mailman stole it. BTW, can you use the Midtown Comics address I sent you. I can't receive packages at my home for a few weeks.

Carlos...totally agree on Grifter. Snake's gotta hide in a damn cardboard box fer chrissakes.


Jon Tsuei said...

Aww man, the cardboard box is his best weapon! Especially Box C, I love box C, lol. Ok, I'll buy Grifter beats Snake one on one, but Grifter taking on Midnighter hand to hand, those are fightin' words Carlos, hehe. I do agree with you that writers tend to write Grifter as purely a two guns guy. Lets hope Mr. Morrison gives Grifter his chance to show off that Coda training.

Ray Dillon said...

Sweet! You have a great wash style. Very gritty.