Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm back b!@#e$!!!

I'm back b!@#e$!!!
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I'm back and trying to get a little bit of rest before I finish up this month. Dallas was a blast! Got to hang with some good friends, Mark Brooks, and Cliff Chiang. We were the three of the comic book artist draws, I guess. It was fun though! From the store signing at Comic Asylum, Mark Hay's store, to meeting some great fans, and having dinner with Kenny (r2d2) Baker, everything was really cool! Also wanted to give a shout out to Joe for driving us around and making the city of Dallas accessible to me and my wife, thanks yo! So, back to the grind, get some work done!

Above is a doodle I did over dinner for one of the guys helping out at the show's son. Medium of choice: blue crayon, red crayon, yellow crayon, all on a paper table cloth!




Jon Tsuei said...

Wow! Who knew Batman could look so cool in crayon?

Inkblotz said...

Hey Ale,

It was great to meet ya and I truely enjoyed the (suprise) panel with you and Cliff. Glad ya enjoyed your trip to the "Big D" and hope ya come back some time.

Oh, and that is defintly the best Batman table cloth sketch I have ever seen ;)


Inkblotz said...

Wow I know my spelling is bad but I mispelled my name O.o

That shows what happens when ya try to type too early in the morning.

~Chris (I think I got it right this time)

Kateness said...

You should totally try illustrating a whole book in crayon! You know you want to.

Yano said...

Wow...that looks great. And I thought the stick figures I drew on tablecloths were cool!

Kids must love you at restaurants!

GTJDorris said...

That sketch seriously looks great. How weird that sometimes things pop out in weird "inopportune" places like that. Shows you what great art's really about, I suppose. Anyway, kudos!

-- Jonathan

Jesse Chin said...

Did you guys pull the paper off the table after dinner and give it to him?

Here son, I brought you home this drawing from Ale Garza and some of his pasta arrabiatta. ENJOY!

Ray Dillon said...

Awesome. I did a crayon drawing a while back. Lotta fun.

And you did a good job. Love the bright blue for Batman. ;o)