Friday, October 28, 2005


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... I did this some months ago pretty much just for sh*ts and giggles (heheh, and with the intention of selling it at "San Diego Con" for some 'toy money' ...or 'beer money', whichever came first and both equally important! (^_^) )

It was one of those "gotta scratch that itch" kinda' things ... I LOOOOOVE Barry Windsor Smith's "Weapon X"!!! It's still is my favorite Wolverine story, so this was me kinda 'sorta' doing a "Weapon X" Wolvie.

I had originally done this in just 'black and white' line art, but it seemed a little flat, and I decided to do some 'ink washes' on it to make the figure 'pop' a little more, THEN, Scott Iwahashi, who must have been a little bored that day :), asked me if I'd let him do the ink-washes instead. ...HEY, this guy's a damn good painter, 'OF COURSE you can do the washes' I said! :) ...I love the subtleties he pulled off, specially on Logan's face ...I gotta' say, I've learned A LOT from that talented bastard in the short time he's been with us at the WS, so I give major major 'props' and thanks to Iwa' ! ..heheh, damn painters!!! :)

... as a 'side note': for any aspiring comic artist out there; It's always a very very good thing (and opportunity) to talk to artists that come from a different 'place' or 'discipline' (sculptors, painters, graphic designers, etc) Many of us can sometimes make the mistake of only learning from people in our 'area' of interest, in this case, COMICS!!! ...nothing wrong with this over the short-term, but long-term, IT WILL only HURT YOU!!! ..why?!? because the whole thing just becomes too 'incestuous,' and we all know how 'well' that works out (^_^)

I think our imagination is like our stomach, it will only work as well as you feed it, so don't be afraid of giving it a more 'balanced diet' of different kinds of art. Learn from anyone or anything, that's the only way you can make your art stand on it's own two legs, and not be a 'poor-man's' version of someone else's art and vision. :)



Tyler Wilken said...

Carlos I love this piece. Its so detailed, hell even the trees in the background. I like the totally crazy hair/overall look Wolvie has in this pic.


JP Mavinga said...

Cool rendition.

Like what you had to say about other disciplines, preach it 'Los!


TOMTOM said...

man that is an awsome wolverine

Neo said...

That is THE scariest wolverine pic I've ever seen!!!!

Wolvietat said...

I LOVE him...awesome work ;)

Grant Gould said...

that is AWESOME, man :)

Chuckeedee said...

well, thank you very much!!! (^_^)