Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tattoo You

Tattoo You


Here is an aborted watercolor I started about 2-3 years ago. Found it in a pile of art I unearthed when I was unpacking my stuff back into my house. Watercolors are supposed to be light, translucent and ethereal and to get this image to where I think it needs to be, I need to go more in opaque, acrylic direction. Especially since I want to make her pants a nice shiny black leather. Look at this version as the basetones. I need to darken a lot of the shadows and diffuse the edges.

My goal is to work on this a bit here and there and post the evolving image. Some of the changes I can do in photoshop but I need to finish adding some inks and textures and then balance out my colors.

To be continued.


Peter said...

i love these watch the progress pieces and watch me draw pieces.... you learn more from them and therefore makes it more interesting to me.

MR FURIOUS said...


looking forward to the transitions and the final product. can we get hi-rez of this. thanks for sharing and thanks for teaching too.

alexander - big fan

Gelatomettista said...

Yeah, forgot to add the link.

On it.


MR FURIOUS said...


thanks for adding hi-rez link... wow, you actually read my posting and responded to it (i think anyways). i feel like a kid in a candy store! i've been posting comments ever since i found out about this site when you showed up in westwood for secret stash signing. this is the first time you replied (albeit indirectly to me). woohoo! i just told my gf and she thinks i'm nuts. lol

thanks again,

alexander - big fan

Jack Smith said...

wow, a wildcats character

*sniffle* how i miss them when you were on that book


You know even though you want to finish this, I like the impressionistic qualities, it conveys almost a mosaic with the colors the way they are right now. I'd frame it- but that's just me.

Sam Out-

antonio said...

Jim, i was thinking in what you wrote about making some of the areas a bit shiny..I was thinking you can use washes to the area..efecctive and good or you can go the easiest way and you airgraph to light the areas..Your choice!!! Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

orion9282 said...


Been following you sinceI was a kid and you were on X-Men #1, went back and bought all things Jim Lee, and learned the love of drawing from you. Eventually, that spark you started in me put me in a career in an art related field. Always wanted to say thanks.

I came across this wildcats watercolor you posted, and though it's a WIP, it's probably one of the freshest images I've seen from you in years. The simplicity of line, emphasis on the overall and not so busy in the detail areas; it struck me as a possible evolution of the Jim Lee style. Just a thought...

Love your normal style, but I love to see your range even more.