Friday, April 22, 2005

Back in Black (and White)

Back in Black (and White)

[entry: jimlee]

Been working like crazy recently. Not drawing per se but moving boxes. On the homestretch of our move back into the home (it seems neverending honestly) and I had to take a break from it cause of Superman deadlines and traveling. But now is the time to rescue my family from the towering stacks of books, art supplies and old electronic equipment!

As far as art, here is an old image I dug up. I occasionally do art for family and friends, logos for my wife, etc. This piece however is for a family friend who was a fan of Alice in Wonderland and was expecting their first child. I deleted the name but it goes in that middle rectangle right under the square where one would put a picture of baby I imagine. Set within a black frame, it turned out ok.

The challenging part was interpreting some of Lewis Carroll's characters and not make them terrifying to a little child. He had some imagination...or was whacked out of his mind. Crazy book.

Here is a larger scan.



Whoa that caterpillar is freaky in the other pic, a lot more child friendly in this one, I like Alice better in this one, it just feels more- structurally- sound- in the face?

I really like seeing this other stuff Jim.

Sam Out-

J. Scott Campbell said...

Wow, that's pretty neat Jim. I like it a lot. Even though it's a rough sketch, everything is there. It'd be pretty cool to see you draw a whole comic or children's book with this same kind of strange assortment of characters.

J. Scott Campbell

Tempest said...

A mad hatter that isnt scary?! Never thought I'd see the day. The last Alice in Wonderland art I saw was from American McGee's Alice... which had its highs and lows.

I actually read this book not to long ago and couldn't believe how wonderfully crazy it all is. Really great book.

Hey Jim,
I went to Soot Bull Jeep finally... OMG.
First, the culture shock of walking in was pretty crazy... I had no idea what to expect but talk about walking into a different world!
Second, the food was amazing!
Third, the waitresses came around and 'took care of me.' I suspect it was because I was either White or looked 'out of place' - though it was more just blssfull glee in my eyes... which I guess could be taken as 'out of place'
Lastly, dont plan on going to this place without a change of cloths for the rest of the night. You cant leave this place not smelling of heavenly Korean Meat.

So good and thanks for the recommendation!


Gelatomettista said...

Yeah Missileman...I think I started to make the caterpillar look too much like Ale.




A major Smack-down from the sultan of slams-- and what do you have to say Ale?

Now that you mention it I do see a certain similarity in the hair cut .

Just kidding Mr. Garza your hair isn't that green.

Sam Out-

Paolo said...

If I didn't knew it was you, I'll swear it came from '70s anime (there was a lot of stuff from european novels..).
I sure like it, It fit the image without changing too much.. even if Carrol *seemed* to be a little insane (geniale! I studied about Alice a lot..).

Anyway, the old fables are just not too much for kids, now...

I mean, you would tell to your daughter that Cinderella had the dress from a cemetery and her friendly birds took away the eyes from the sisters during the wedding? Ouch. Grimm, you *WERE* weirdos.

Sorry for poor english, I hope you'll understand :P