Saturday, April 02, 2005

Co-missions (LBC)

Co-missions (LBC)


As promised I got a scan of one my commisions from last months Wiz LA show. This customer actually had waited since Wondercon for one, since my list had been full by the time he got to me there. Luckily he showed up early at the Wiz show, and put it in a request for good ol' Supergirl (link.) I got to say she is one fun character to draw, so cute, and powerful!

This one like the others was on 11"17" done with brush pen, and some warm greys here and there for effect, enjoy...

-a "best movie ever" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Lord Chimmy said...

I love supergirl. Hell, what guy doesn't like Supergirl?!

withoutwax said...

Sweet. As always. So who would you rather work on your next April Fools? Wonder Woman or Supergirl? Heh. I hope I didn't stump you. =)

nohoohboy said...

Ever think about working with Loeb on his Supergirl? And do you like how he brought her back?


Yeah- you do a sweet Super Girl.

Sam Out-