Monday, April 11, 2005

Absolutely July

Absolutely July

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Soooo the solicitations are finally out and it looks like I have a bunch of stuff coming out in July. Not only the second half collection of Superman: For Tomorrow (link) but also an oversized Absolute edition of the entire Hush run.

It was put together by the same designer (Robbin Brosterman) who did all the Hush collections so far and I hope I do not sound like I am bragging when I say it is killer. It's got so much cool stuff in there that it has to be the definitive edition for the series.

Most everything in it is new from new art for the endpapers, back cover, front cover (pictured above and seen larger here) and has the complete Easter Egg rundown on all 12 issues plus new sketches, never before seen deleted/altered art and layouts and a new interview with Jeph Loeb and me. I've been waiting on this one forever; I just hope it comes out before SDCC--would be fantastic to share it with everyone at the nation's biggest con.

Last but certainly not least, there's Batman and Robin: the Boy Wonder. The two covers are shown here in pencil form (the finals will be inked and colored of course). It was a bear of a challenge and the funny thing is that the Robin one took nearly 3 times as long to pencil as the Batman one for a number of reasons which I will get into in a later post. Here are the links to large images of both--here and here.

Both Batman: Hush and Superman: For Tomorrow launched in offpeak times. Batman in the fall after all the major cons and Superman in March last year before the con season started. Batman and Robin falls smack dab in the middle which should make this SDCC crazier than normal.

Can't wait.


Peter said...

nice work , love the new cover and i can't wait...but one thing? the links dont work :(

cadam said...

What I find noteworthy about your artistic development is that you seem to have started out where everybody starts out. You began where all comic book enthusiasts enthused about becoming comic book artists begin their journey. Your drawing of Wolverine from 1977 looks like everyone's drawing of Wolverine. With Alpha Flight you seemed like an regular joe on matters of draughsmanship. Not that there is anything simple about ordinary pencilling but it seems to me during those first assignments there were a hundred artists who you were better than and a hundred artists who were better than you. Is there a particular page or issue that to your mind represents a major breakthrough? Where would you place that moment when your skill began to boil?

patman said...

wow! i love it when new stuff is posted in this blog. i learned about the absolute hush HC from the comic brook message board and instantly asked that the easter eggs be included. looks like i got my wish! the thing to complete my absolute hush wish list would be sketches of all the BATMOBILES (among other bat vehicles) that were used in the story arc.

the covers to all-star are fantastic! just a question, do you recreate the whole background when doing the 2 variant covers? i know the view sort of moved a bit but i just would like to know if this was lightboxed or something. looks very tiring to re-create from scratch! i know that mike deodato sometimes asks his inker to copy the background for different panels (in this case, not possible since these are just in pencils).

what about the old batman & robin pencils you did? the one with robin swinging in the foreground? will that be used in future issues? that one rocks! shows how enthusiastic dick was during those days.

congratulations on your usual great work.



Man all I can say is Can't Wait...

Sam Out-

Neo said...

Hi Jim
Great new art you've posted! That Batman pic is going onto a t-shirt soon :-)
Will the new one volume Hush tpb be called absolute hush? I was looking on but there was no sign of it yet? Any rough idea of a release date?
Like Cadman above I'd like to know when "you " feel your artwork really started cooking??? :-)

johnnyjustice said...


Regarding the Batman/Robin covers: Holy Toledo, what a great job on the backgrounds! Oh, and the Boy Wonder's pose is awesome as well...

I'm literally bursting at the seams for this series!


Ryan said...

Thanks for breaking the news for me on the Absolute edition! Must've missed that solicitation. Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of your work, I resisted the temptation to buy any of the hardcovers or trade paperbacks, knowing full well that this would eventually come down the pipe. Can't blame DC for wanting to milk the cash cow that is Jim Lee, but they weren't going to milk me for my money.

That said, this Absolute edition is something I will shell out for, probably into the $75-100 range, but well worth it.

With regards to the preview covers...well, you're Jim my eyes, you can do no wrong.

Jim Lee come to the PCTC! PLEASE!


Hey Jim, on the Absolute Cover did you do the inking?

If you did, holy crap I love it. The execution on Bat Man has that federal reserve look, not to mention there are some nice contrasting elements between the fore and background, that is some serious grit on that gargoyle, I'll defiantly be looking for this one.

Sam Out-

Choisez said...

Yeah, San Diego's gonna be crazy this year. All-Star Batman & Robin comes out the same day as Preview Night for the big convention.

Hopefully, I can get my copy signed the same day it comes out. You guys should have some kind of release party at the con.

And unfortunately, Absolute Hush comes out September 7, but it'll still be an All-Star July.

I love the covers btw.


| rc | said...

Wow excellent covers for Batman & Robin...I can't wait for this title! I'll be heading to the DC booth first thing on preview night!

Keep us posted Jim!


Chris CCL said...

I'm very much looking forward to this volume. July can't come soon enough.
Chris Marshall

antonio said...

Jim You can not stop to amaze me beautiful city work!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

icemanx62 said...

I love the new cover. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Absolute Hush and Superman hardcover. Good luck to whoever is inking those Batman and Robin All-Star covers.

fceeviper said...

Wow those are awesome!!
Has Miller commented on Lee's Batman yet?
I would like to know his feedback on Lee's great art.

nohoohboy said...

Two words. Freakin. A.

John Mulder said...

trabajo muy chulo hombre tiene una buena pinta que te asusta y con frank miller toda una joya