Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Canyon

The Canyon

The Canyon

words: Nate Rippey
arts: Ale Garza


Tyler said...

Reading this comic strip... I... I think I know the meaning to all existence... I...

Oh wait, it was just a punchline.

False alarm!

Hey, I really dig the way you drew the mouth on the first panel... very British teeth, ha ha.


Man this is totally like a speech I have to give on Thursday.

Sam Out-

Harvey Dent said...

Hey, Ale,

This is my favorite canyon so far. I love all of the background characters you threw into the last panel. It's stuff like that that well I kind of lost train of thought there, but I thought you did an excuberlar job on the fat guy and the kids kissing. Keep it up.


RightOnTarget said...

mmooorrrrreeeee! morrrrrrrrrrreee!