Tuesday, April 12, 2005

doodle roni

doodle roni


Finished my page a bit early tonight. i still felt like doodlin', heh. Earlier in the day I was able to pick up Lee's latest ish of Luthor. I must say, that boy is doing some spanktastic stuff! So with these little sketches I guess you could say I had some of Lee's inspirado poppin' off.

Aside from that I'm still chuggin away on Batgirl. With the solicitations just released some have asked why I've missed two issues in a row. Well, just to stay ahead of the game I jumped right to issue 67 after I finished ish 64. The good thing is I jumped right into drawing some pretty ladies! I apologize for not being able to go faster for you guys, but hopefully you'll enjoy the issues I did do.

Also watched Sideways tonight while working. Great movie! I strongly suggest checking it out. It's pretty damn hi-larious! Peace out yo!

-a "ewwww, I got some on my hands..." PSHOO!PSHOO!


Dan-El said...

Sweet stuff ale - kinda looks like Brando


As always great stuff, and yeah- Sideways is great.

Sam Out-

Tyler Wilken said...

Sweet, I was plannin on droping it (Batgirl) if ya wern't arround. Thanks for the heads up. Btw thats a sweet Robin, the shading on his face is great. Not so sure about the Luthor, but then again...its a sketch.

nohoohboy said...

Sideways was funny. Particularly the helmet scene. And your chicks are always hot. Can you post up a Cassandra Cain up here? My friend loves your rendition of her, and he ain't even into comics. He just likes cute chicks.

Brian Jacks said...

Hi Jim,

I just sent you an important work-related e-mail to your gmail account (subject line is "Media Inquiry"). If you can check it and respond as soon as you're able to, it'd be much appreciated.

Brian Jacks
Editor, UGO.com

e: brianj@ugo.com

Harvey Dent said...

Hey, Ale

These sketches are really cool, you gots to someday to a comic with rendering and stuff, and I really like this, it might not be on purpose, but the hair on robin is very stylized and I love it, and I really think that it would be awesome like if you did something really risk-ay some day. Still, awesome sketches.