Thursday, April 07, 2005

Metti Cards

Metti Cards

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So I am back in San Diego after an eventful and incredibly busy trip to NYC. The Sin City premiere was a fantastic gathering bringing together so many of the great names in comics together under one roof to celebrate the accomplishments of one of our brightest stars and the Big Apple Con was a chaotic whirlwind of signing and posing (for pics) and sketching (though not many).

At the show, one of the coolest things I got were these homemade trading cards. I should really put homemade in parentheses because the design and layouts are very professionally and thoughtfully done. Each card had a unifying look to em with a shot of art, usually taken from the Metti site and the backs had quotes from either the site or from various interviews with an appropriate mugshot. Apparently they were printed out on card stock at a local kinkos type shop which goes to show you how far desktop publishing has come. These look and feel incredibly authentic.

Unfortunately in the chaos of it all, I mislaid the creator's name but I know he is a Mettitista so please step forward and take a bow. All the artists were flipping over these when I brought em to the studio so thanks for your efforts. We are always impressed with how passionate and industrious the fanbase can get over comics and this certainly proves the rule.

Here's a closer look at the front and back.


GTJDorris said...

Alright, I'll be honest.....whoever did those, they are amazing. I think that's a really cool idea and the layout, design, implementation is superb from what I can tell from Jim's picture. You definitely deserve some credit. Bravisimo!

-- Jonathan

Rob Rosenblatt said...

Those are excellent! And although I've been lurking here since the original site's inception, I don't recognize some of the artwork. Great job, whoever you are!

Kateness said...


icemanx62 said...

Impressive! Everything from the layout to the design is great.

1031 said...

Yeah, those are pretty sweet. Whomever did it sure put a lot of time and effort into them. Very nice.

Ryan said...

As a devoted reader of this blog, I can honestly say my appreciation for the work you all do PALES in comparison to the dedication of some other fans.

Truly amazing what this person(s) has done with the artwork and postings from this blog. Step forward and take a bow, you deserve it.

Jim Lee come to the PCTC! PLEASE!


Man those are the bomb! what a nice gift, I bet it's nice to get something back from the fans that you give so much too, it must be a nice AHH moment, I hope the person steps forward to get some props.

Sam Out-

| rc | said...

That's some excellent work there. Great job! It must of taken this person some time and dedication to get this done.
Step up and take your bow!


Tyler Wilken said...

Dayum, those are some totally sweet cards. Who ever did those. My hats off to ya, excellent work.

GTJDorris said...

Jim --

The back of one of those cards is for Carlos, however there isn't a card pictured that the front is for Carlos. The back of Carlos's is yellowish, but I see no yellowish front. Is there one more that didn't get pictured both front and back somehow? Just curious cause those things are pretty damned cool and I'd like to see 'em all. Best wishes.

-- Jonathan

Hanky Panky said...

This guy or girl has done an outstanding can really get a sense of the time and creativity they invested into each card...hell, they deserve a job with Topps!

Tyler Wilken said...

I do believe that there is two sleves there, we are just seeing the back of one and the front of another.


nohoohboy said...

In the words of Peter Griffin, those are friggin sweet!

patman said...

cool! fantastic work! no doubt a very talented guy/girl. a friend of mine did a similar thing using the VS theme. the difference was that he used all of us members of The Comic Brook message board giving us funny superpowers and using our business/occupation as venues and plot twists. this thing just inspired me to try and actually get those stuff printed for playing.

thanks for sharing jim! what a treat that must have been for you and the gelatomettista gang.

Reverse said...

Great job man!

Jeff Eckleberry said...

Hey Everybody,

My name is Jeff Eckleberry. I'm a graphic designer in CT and I'm here to take my bow. : ) I'm glad everybody likes the cards. I had no idea they'd make it to the blog. I designed these for Jim as a small token of my appreciation for all the great work he's done. Those actually are the front of one sleeve of cards and the back of another. I'll see if I can save the cards as either a pdf or a few jpgs and post them to my website ( over the weekend. It was great to finally meet Jim at the NYC show. I hope he's able to get to a con near everyone soon.


Ale Dangerous said...

Hey jeff, those cards rocked man! It's stuff like that that makes the time and energy we put into the blog worthwhile!

p.s. can i get a set?:) heh, thanks again!

Jeff Eckleberry said...

Absolutely! Email me at with your mailing address and I'll get another set printed.


MR FURIOUS said...


SWEET work!!! maybe you can put them up for sale or something. ;)


RichardFriend said...

Hey Jeff I wanted to say too.....that was really nice of you and so generous to take the time to make those for Jim..... we were ALL blown away.

It was as cool, if not cooler than ANY of the REAL trading cards I have done...and there's been a lot. I think the personal touch really made it great.....

thanks again.....and looking forward to the future series' of them~



Jeff Eckleberry said...

Hey Everybody,

I managed to convert everything to jpg and post the files on my site this evening. The files are at if you'd like a better look.