Monday, April 11, 2005

Choeson One

Choeson One

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Here is an incredible painting (seen bigger here) fellow Korean artist David Choe (his site) did over a printout of my pencils for the cover to Superman #214.

I just love it. It's different and I am sure not every fan will feel the same way but I love the energy, the colors, the intensity most of all.

In general, David's typical work is difficult to describe; part graphitti, part porno, all out passion. Some of you may be familiar with his work as David just recently did the cover art for the latest Linkin Park and Jay-Z album.

He is and has been a huge comic fan and over the years, we have become friends and try to get together several times a year. One time, we happened to be in NYC at the same time, and I got a chance along with Ale, Lee and Carlos to see David paint live on a giant wooden board in front of an audience at a church/dance club. Another time, we were all hanging out in my backyard, talking art as I grilled burgers and pulled out old art from my art collection.

Anyway, he did this for the hell of it but I like it so much that I have to figure out a cool project to do together. I think the style would better suit a character like Batman, Deathblow or Constantine, no? The mind races with possibilities. I just need to find the time in the schedule...


patman said...

not exactly my cup of tea but the intensity is definitely there given the action sequence. i also think he got the original artworks look overall (as compared to the Countdown cover you did with Alex Ross -- not sure if his painting style really complements with your pencils).

i would love to see more artists (painters/colorists) do the pencils which you guys do here. maybe an old-school coloring by tom smith on one of your splash pages!



I really dig This and would love to see you and him tackle Hellblazer, that would totally rock the comic world.

Sam Out-

Ryan said...

It's amazing how even with this unique painting style, you can still make out the essence that is a Jim Lee piece of artwork.

I would love to see more of this collaboration in the future. A Deathblow pin-up would be nice, harkening back to days gone by. I wonder if maybe style might also work on something mystical in nature, not just darker characters. For example, maybe doing a different take on your Grace artwork for the cover of Soulfire #4.

Jim Lee come to the PCTC! PLEASE!

GoingNuckinFuts said...

Dave did a remarkable job on Zods armor and the blood spewing from his mouth.

I think in Wizard Alex Ross mentions that Jim has a lot of "finicky" lines in his artwork.. and how he had to figure out which lines he could use and which he can toss out. Thats the same thing here. Im comparing the one on the cover and the one David did. He got rid of lines that I think didnt do anything for the pic (no offense) and thats what has me leaning towards this pic more.

I also think that Jim and Daves style could work pretty well with each other because Dave sorta give you the same impact kinda effect with his painting.....the same kinda impact feeling that Jim gives off in his pencil (before Scott Williams inks them) and I always wished that there was another way of doing it cause sometimes I think the black ink are too strong and doesnt do justice to Jims work. Anyways hope to see more collaboration from the both of you..this really made me go back to the drawing board.

rico said...

Thanks mr Lee,
This just gave me the biggest boner.

Choisez said...

Very cool. This is really impressive and I love the energy David puts on the piece. I think part of the charm is seeing him do someone clean and iconic like Superman too, instead of Grifter or Batman.

Having said that, I'd like to see him do a Zealot one-shot.

Just look at those crazy colors. I love it.


crazyfeetmcgee said...

I think this look would rule with deathblow or even the whole team 7 crew. a 90 page one shot with lots of splash and action would look really nice. The paint has alot of action in it with alot of energy the book would just have to have alot of action. Thanks for posting Jim.

Guerrilla Outfit said...

david's strokes are usually loose, being able to paint over jim's pencils and being able to let jim's pencils show and his paints shine as well is very cool!

antonio said...

Jim, in reality what are the chances of an style similar to Choe`s gets mainstream...I guess Jae Lee come to my mind...?
Great work a bit strange but in a good way!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Salix said...

His paintings have a surreal, kind of nightmare-ish quality to them. It probably wouldn't match a whole superhero book, but his style would be great for covers and pinups.

passenger57 said...

i thought alex ross painting over jim's stuff , didn't look so ht, it wasn't really a good fit.but this is something else all together,I just went through my comics and found superman 214 with this original drawing, and held it up to my computer, )(*&&*%^%^#^%$##@$#@$#!!!!!!! scott williams is a champ, but man is this refreshing, this really blows away that look. i agree that this is a great great look for batman or deathblow. i wish the colors were like this in the last dark knight. but i really really love it because it IS a style you would expect for those darker characters, but seen on a "clean" character like superman blows me away, thanks for posting . this is one of the best things I've seen all week.

RichardFriend said...

you already know I dig this one Jim.

I think Eddy made a cool suggestion.....something with Zealot and an earthy feel would be really cool. Daves colors bring to mind.....South America or something.....Like 'earthy' kicking, just kidding..... what I mean is maybe something abroad.......David's been all over the world as you have been./ Maybe share some of that experience through your work Indiana Jones meets Zealot on a murder spree in Columbia!


that would be tight, yo!


nohoohboy said...

Armor so shiny...
It'd be kinda cool if you did an all Korean comic thing. Get Talent Caldwell, Strain, Mike Choi and others and do something wacky. Fighting!
- Da Korean Kid

Tyler said...

Personally, I think this painting looks fantastic... I'd be more than interested to see the two of you collaborate on a book together.

iriscavelli said...

I just saw a link to this blog off the giant robot website!
I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
I only know david choe’s work through his paintings nf grafitti , I had no idea he was doing comics
I heard a few years ago , that he was gonna do x-men, and then beat up his editor or something like that.
I’ve never seen him do a comic before or since then, does anyone out there know if he has?
This is like a weird thing that I would ‘ve never expected but expected at the same time. I’ve slowly dropped off of superhero comics over the years. This is it!
This is it, this could be the thing that brings me back to comics. BATMAN ! BATMAN!! Please!
Who could write it? dark knight was the best, then year one, then killing joke, then arkham asylum.
you can totally see both styles coming through.
thank you so much for posting!

Guerrilla Outfit said...

he he, I am the one who posted the thread on giant robot,

I guess even eric and martin didn't know about the pic or they would have shown it on an issue of gr or the site itself,

batman Batman I say too!!!!

hjcho said...

Run with this - If you have a non-Spandex project in mind, a Lee-Choe combo would be great! Shake things up a bit. Stretch out stylistically...

I would still like to see you do a large prject that you pencil and ink.