Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cry Havok!

Cry Havok! Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Back home in San Diego. Wrapped up the mini tour of Paris with some signings around Paris (Bercy and Velizy). This sketch of Havok was done for Jerome, my translator/guide at Angouleme.

I remember the first time seeing Havok in the pages of the X-Men. His unusual, unique, way ahead of its time costume--designed by the incomparable Neal Adams--just created a black hole on the page; it just drew your eye to him every time he was in a scene. Then when he used his powers--the graphic, flat series of concentric circles really just looked like no other power manifestation; just really amazingly powerful visually, iconically.

This one is obviously influenced by the fantastic interpretation Jon J Muth did of Havok in his Havok-Wolverine mini-series some years back. That series is still one of my very favorite comic books and is recently back in print as a collection. Simply breathtaking art and a cool story courtesy of Walter and Louise Simonson.

Done in marker, brush, white out pen and using my's a larger scan.


Mael said...

Hi,who are you ?

My Name is Mael ans I was at angouleme where I saw you , wahouuu so great !!

I don't know if you are the true Jim Lee who was at angouleme last week , But if you are , I have got pic where you was drawing a wolverine's head ( the pics are cool and logan too)

if you want the pic write me at and I will send it to you .

I am french so sorry for my english ...



Arno2D said...

Ne t'inquiète pas, He is the real Jim Lee ;o)

Nice work on Havock Mister Lee.
I remember, I first met that guy on your run on the X men back in....1990.

And by the way, I'm so glad that you are coming back on wild cats. I just can't wait to know if we will see Grifter's brother Cole again ?

Line Medic said...

You put together a spectacular storyboard on uncanny x-men 271(X-Tinction Agenda).
Havok,a Genosha brain-washed agent for Hodge vs. Wolverine was a radiant image of power strugle. That bottom panel of the fight, where the lights went out and all the soldiers were confused and in the dismay Havok's expresive energy glow built up such a fight scene against the wild wolverine.
-If readers don't know what I'm talking about, go get that issue.

MR FURIOUS said...


very nice indeed. very dark, jae lee like.
don't get me wrong, you are THE 'Lee'.


DC said...

Woah very cool. Best Havok in a while! For some reason I think of Jae Lee's work when viewing this particular piece.

Jon Tsuei said...

Very nice Jim. Another piece that looks very different from what we usually see from you, I like the looseness of the piece, it adds a lot to the expression on Havok's face.

Keep the new art coming and I'll see you in NY! :)

mic? said...

I agree w/ krunchie. This looks a bit grittier than the usual pristine work and is surprisin'ly a very nice change o' scenery to experience every so often.

Incidentally, your Havok's my favorite interpretation ever. My eyes are always drawn to him in the 3-part poster set you drew of the "Australian Outback/Muir Isle" X-Men... around the time when "Dissolution and Rebirth" ended in Uncanny. I prefer drawin' and almost always draw Havok w/ the metallic headgear and black costume because of that.


rashad said...

i totally agree with u jim. havok is an awesome character, especially visually. although now that i think about it, he was on the cover of the first comic i ever bought. it was an x-factor during the extinction agenda. i think u drew the cover jim. in any case i love havok.

Russ Sheath said...

I cannot believe that I have missed Jim in Europe again. Last time Jim was at Album I was all but on the Eurostar from London and then had the call to return to my unit (I'm in the army) to deploy to Iraq. This time I had no idea he was in France. My mission statment for 2006 is I will meet Jim Lee...
Congrats to everyone who got to meet Jim at the festival..

capt.spark said...

Hi there Jim,
really nice to see u draw some characters that not everyone draws.
talking about drawing.....this isn't a request or anything but just how about u drawing a band performing live ??
any band wud look good wid ur artwork.
just a thought, not a request.
do think about it(if u get the time)
i think itll b swell to see it!
and thanx again for giving all of us some out-of-this-world artwork!

Urban Barbarian said...

Havok is never happy, is he?

Jason said...

that looks great

Marvel should put Havok back in his classic suit.

batmancostume said...

I don't know if you are the true Jim Lee who was at angouleme last week , But if you are , I have got pic where you was drawing a wolverine's head the pics are cool and logan too