Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First Con Sketch 2006

First Con Sketch 2006 Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

This past week I had a chance to attend the amazing Angouleme Comics Festival named after the eponymous town. It was as beautifully quaint (if you can call 230,000 comics fans descending upon and taking over a town that) and historic as I last recall from my visit there two years ago.

Had a chance to meet and hang out with a bunch of talent from all around the globe, many of whose work I was encountering for the first time, do a couple of panels and even got to squeeze in 50 or so sketches for patient fans during the 4 day affair.

Didn't bother with a digital camera so am relying on the fans themselves to send in a scan or two. Some even shot digital video off their cameras as I drew...maybe those will show up somewhere online too.

It even snowed which as I understand, it's never done at a comics festival in Angouleme, ever. That said, here's the first scan I received--posted above. And go here for a bigger shot.


RichardFriend said...

Hell, I'll post first.


I cannot wait to see this new Wild Cats series even though we've still got a bit of a wait!



Jon Tsuei said...

Nice piece Jim. The lack of a left arm and the somewhat floating hand looks very different from your usual sketches. I like it, nice to switch it up now and again.

For anyone who has a pics of Jim's work to share please send them in so the rest of us can eat it up. :)

Jason Truong said...

Man, I really wish you would come to Toronto. Sketch or not, I'm pretty sure thousands of people in Toronto would want to meet you.

This is the Toronto con to choose:

Not affiliated with them, but they put on the best cons in Toronto.

That said, love the Grifter piece, and I can't wait for the Wildcats relaunch.

Neo said...

Hey Jim
Dare I say Grifter is looking very "Travis Charest"??? Great sketch...keep rollin!

Arno2D said...

Thanks for the snow jim....
Now it has reach south of France with more than 30 cm deep!

What have you done to our climat???

Oh, and by the way, thank you for the visit in France and we hope to see you soon! Hope you've envoyed it!!

spacecowboy said...

hello Jim!i'm one of the hysteric french fans you saw in angouleme this past week end ^^ you certainly don't remember me,but i'm the guy who yelled "Jim Lee i love you!!" just after the conference with Morvan and Buchet,and I'm the guy who asked you if you had finished to draw sketches on sunday(even if i guess i'm not the only one to have asked you that...).

I've been there for three days but I didn't get any sketches...so except if you can draw me a sketch and send it by mail(I'm just kidding I know you can't do that ^^),I really hope to see you next year in Angouleme and this time i'll be waiting outside at 6am instead of 7.30am ^^ .

Anyway,even if i didn't get a sketch,i have to say that you are a great guy!i didn't expected you to be so nice,i mean you know famous people are often disdainful and sufficient,but you are absolutely not!just please keep drawing great comics and beeing so cool!!

I hope to see you next year in Angouleme (if you could just think about sending me a sketch by mail...lol)

PS:please forgive my mistakes as i just told you i'm french and i'm not that good in english...