Saturday, February 18, 2006

keep on RUNNIN'

keep on RUNNIN'
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just wanted to post some random thoughts... Look for a Newsarama piece on Skye Runner early next week, hopefully it'll give a little more insight to my new little project! The book is just coming along great! Loving every creative step that's being taken! Also going to New York this coming week! Woohoo!!! We get to hang out with Lee for the first time since last years San Diego con. For those of you who don't know, Lee is my secret man crush, lol! :P I'm really looking forward to the Con as well. Don't get out to the east coast as much as I'd like. It'll be great meeting new peoples! Sorry for not posting more, but there just seems like there's always work on top of work to get done, gahhhh! I'll do my best to post more.

Also just read Batman year 100! Paul Pope has managed to put together another entertaing, and intriguing piece of work! If you haven't yet checked it out, I strongly suggest it 10/10! Till next time you all behave :)


"way to go no breath" WOOT! WOOT!


Fogger said...

I'll be there - can't wait to see the Wildstorm gang! (A lot of it, anyway)

NY Comedy Bling said...

Looks like WS is getting lotsa love this year!

by the way, I saw a dude on the train reading some of your old gen 13 books!

crazyfeetmcgee said...

Im pumped about this book because you are pumped about this book ale. I have already told my local book store to keep a spot for this book when it comes out.