Monday, February 20, 2006

Look! up in the Skye!!!

Look! up in the Skye!!!
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It's getting closer and closer to Skye Runner coming out, just a little under two months! Just got the colors in for issue 1, and I gotta say, I'm quite the happy boy! Also I just finished up the last page of issue two! So, everythings coming together quite nicely. I can't say how appreciative I am to have the chance to work with the guys I'm working with on this book. Allen, Rich, and Jim are all doing a bang up job! Each one of them impressing me more and more with each completed step! Also wanted to give a prop to super editor, Scott Dunbier! Scott's responsible for putting together some great books, and I'm hoping this project will add another notch to his belt!

Aside from that, I'm gearing up for NY. Borrowing warm clothes, because my Cali boy butt's wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts and jeans. Warm jackets? What's that? lol! Hopefully I'll manage to keep myself warm, hehe. Well, that's about all for now. Happy Monday!!!




Line Medic said...

You always impress me with the hairstyles you give your characters. Thanks again for the Batgirl sketch at the SF Con. Told my retailer the biz regarding Skyrunner.It's marked for my box at the shop. Check out the New York weather at:
Better bring gloves!

NY Comedy Bling said...

yer lucky our 27 inches of snow is all melted ye' limey californian!

Gabe_Eltaeb said...


even though the damn Steelers "won" the superbowl I will still purchase Skyrunner. It looks fantastic.


will you be at WWLA

Inkblotz said...

Man Ale' the more I see of Skye Runner the more I am looking forward to it.

This is defintly looking like your best stuff yet.


P.S. Hope ta see ya at SDCC :)