Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Iron Gelatomettista NYCC - LIVE 30 minute challenge!

At this past Comic-Con in New York, our Iron Gelatomettistas went head-to-head drawing Wolverine to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Not only did these go towards raising more money for the fund, but were all done in a lightning round of 30 minutes. Vote for your favorite below!


Gelatomettista said...

Hey Ale' your arms actually do look bigger in this pic........all that working out is paying off......you might get some work as a bouncer soon.


Carlos looks like he's drawing a puppy or something......"ahw...."




Chuckeedee said...

... damn dude, looks more like I 'ate' the damn puppy!!! ...no more burritos for this Mexican (^_^)


Ryan said...

The blood is all that's left of that puppy...

Thanks for doing the sketch-off Jim, Carlos, and Ale. Money went to a great cause and I'm only too happy to help out.

Of course my vote is going to Carlos (after I finish this post) cuz, well, I own that piece! Not that Jim isn't still my favourite artist...but Carlos knocked this one out of the park.


jrsorrell said...

Did you guys purposely do the same pose? It just seemed like each sketch of Wolvie was roughly in the same pose...which I found pretty odd and funny.

Good job and God Bless,

Ryan said...

As I mentioned in Rich's post, it was pure coincidence that they managed to draw Wolverine in the same pose. In fact, they laughed about how Jim has never purposely told them how to draw, yet they are still heavily influenced by him and his body of work.


Mario Alba said...

Good question, Jeremy. I was wondering the exact same thing.

Sagar said...

hey WS! thanks for coming to NYcomiccon... always a pleasure meeting the people behind the talent. thanks for the autographs and the free sketches ("free" because I don't have a salary yet).

Sagar said...

thanks for the Thundercats sketch, carlos... you rock!

Hassan Thalji said...

Great sketches by all three. I won't say which one I think is the best:)

Just wanted to say it was great meeting Ale and Carlos (as well as Sandra and Scott)at the NY Con. Even though it was crazy, it was worth the trip.