Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Slice of Americana, Fish Treat on the Side


However, I'm sincere in my interest in smalltown, USA--in fact, I am perversely proud of my bland, puritanical upbringing--and don't worry, I don't think for a second that by donning a hat, that somehow the locals will misconstrue as one of them. Can't be too many Asians running around in Montana.

That said, I like playing it up when I travel and doing so ironically. If we play up the city slicker angle--it's just for laughs. Laughing at us for our stupidity at playing tourist (Yee-Haw!) as much as the contrast of Montana to California. So yeah, we're gonna get some cowboy boots and chew some tobacco and round up some steer. And drive like there's no speed limit even though there technically there is.

And looking for some local grub. One of the fun things I like to do is sample local, indigenous fast food. Here's a shot of my favorite in Topeka...Bobo's. It's a veritable institution in Topeka having been around for 50 years. I hear there was a recent fire and it had to be remodeled inside but for the longest time, it seemed like a frozen slice of Americana.


Jon Tsuei said...

wow $1.89 for a milkshake? Sign me up!

DC said...

OMG for real, those prices are ridiculous! I wish food cost like that in midtown Manhattan. I wouldn't be going broke from just lunch.