Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bat Splat!


On the original art, Jim wrote, "Alex, can we do large, blurred blood drops on "screen"? and here's what I came up with:

1 & 2) Two initial versions. Only differences are the background color and reflective lighting on Batman.

3) Decided on a white background, but had a hard time pulling off the splattered blood effect on the "camera/viewer lens" so I adjusted it's opacity and added dripping suggested by Assistant Editor, Brandon Montclare.

4) My first instinct when I got the pencils for this (and before I got a note about splattering blood "on the lens") was to have a huge 'R' or bat shape in blood on the blank space behind Bats. So I did this quick version and sent it to Jim.

5) Jim liked it, but I had to move the bat down to account for the logo and trade dressing. This is the final version of the cover without the logo.

6) And a version with a quickie logo to assure correct placement.




Fabrizio said...

Absolutely the white background rocks! And also the bloody batshape.
Unfortunately it disappear a little bit under the logo, but publishing has its rules...
Number 4 would be great on a poster or at least on gelatometti sketchbook.



sks1star said...
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syrtheone said...

Sinc, I seriously envy your skills as a colorist; seriously...

Off the hook.

Chris said...

Really nice Alex!!!

Jims idea was great but I think you really nailed it and the final version was the way to go for sure!!

Killer stuff man.


LDenvir said...

This looks great, i can't wait to have it in my hands! But with all your skill, i'm suprised you couldn't hide a little "R" somewhere in all that blood!!

bob said...

Looks great. Did you color directly over the pencils, or was there an inking stage?

Also, the word under "Robin" is unreadable (to me, anyway.)

WOOD said...

hmmm i like the YELLOW background! I just think it really makes it pop... and seeing sometimes Batz has yellow in his outfit... as well as who has yellow walls... besides crazies! So he must be in some MadMan's pad tearing up gutter punk slime in GOTHAM.
Anyways they all look amazing.

meek? said...

Looks primo! Too bad the blood on the screen didn't work.

Sinc's my favorite colorist.


Sinc' said...

Thanks, everyone. Glad you liked.

Bob-It was inked by Scott Williams (the man, the myth, the inkist!)

Idenvir-I wish I had thought of hiding the R in there too--good idea. I may steal it for another cver. :D


WOOD said...

Sinc i wanna see your blog but you don't have a link to it from your profile blog page... Color me stupid if you don;'t have your own blog!!

Andrea said...

Simply the best,Dear Jim! Sinclair is the best colorist!

Sinc' said...


I don't have a blog, but you can check out more of my stuff at comicspace.com/sinc and myspace.com/sinccolor.

PS-Thanks, Andrea :D

patman said...

your work is simply awesome. jim's work simply gets better when it goes through your digital paintbrush. love the white background on this one. makes everything jump off the page.

i just wish you also did non-digital stuff so that i would have the opportunity to buy original art/color guides from you.

Marvin said...

so why does the cover have an issue number 1?