Thursday, May 24, 2007

Madureira / Friend- Battle Chasers 1

(entry ricH)

I have been asked about getting together some sort of retrospective of the different art I've inked. I've had some free time lately...and I am getting that all together now. You'll be able to see it all at my ComicArtFans's a link: gallery

This was a test page I did for Joe Madureira for Battle Chasers.(the job had already been filled but I wanted to do this anyway just to see what I could pull off) I'd still like to do something with Joe at some point. I really love his work and I know Joe liked this piece quite a bit at the time I did it.

I'll have the final for that Civil War piece tomorrow.



:highfive: dood!

nice inks and gallery

hows the sups/bats pages going?

btw you missed the WW w/o the crop line


ever thought about putting yoself on youtube vids or a webcam or a screen capture for coloring?